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Magic Windows #16

by angeliska on August 2, 2010

Well, I’m sure it’s a bit cliché by now to be so thoroughly taken in by an iPhone doo-dad like the Hipstamatic, but I must admit that I like very much what it does to my everyday surroundings. My studio (…)

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Tigermilk Honey

by angeliska on July 6, 2010

I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore, but this ad for Murad cigarettes is quite tempting, eh? ✸ Exciting news! The latest issue of Coilhouse is out now: Coilhouse 05: Let All The Children Boogie is the juiciest, most glam-tastic issue (…)

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Pearblossom Honey

by angeliska on March 31, 2010

♥ I can’t get over these pearblossoms. Giant fluffy snowball trees exploding all over town. I wish they had a nicer scent – our smells kind of awful, but aren’t they heart-stoppingly lovely? I hope we’ll have pears this year, (…)

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Texas Hexmas

by angeliska on December 26, 2009

I get more and more shameless every year in my open adoration of this holiday. Yes, the commercialization and wasteful glut disgust me – but it means so much more to me than that. Even in Texas, (where we can (…)

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Magic Windows #8

by angeliska on December 23, 2009

Magic Windows are portals into the strange and beautiful world I inhabit, and the marvelous people, places and things come across in my day to day – all captured with the aid of my handy magic celephone (it’s an iPhone). (…)

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Indigo Honey

by angeliska on December 16, 2009

(Photo by Jane Aldridge) I adore this image captured in Coco Chanel’s gorgeously appointed apartment in Paris. What a dream come true, to explore her domain! I dreamt the other night that a was drinking Chanel No. 5 out of (…)

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Magic Windows #7

by angeliska on December 11, 2009

It’s high time for a Magic Windows update, wouldn’t you say? As always, all photos were taken with my magic telephone camera (which explains the not-so-hot quality, eh?) It sure is handy, though! All the photos were taken at Uncommon (…)

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807 Esplanade

by angeliska on November 12, 2009

(Photographer unknown) I became friendly with the ghosts of 807 Esplanade not long after I moved into the building. The house held so much history, it would seem strange if it weren’t haunted at least by a few souls. The (…)

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Magic Windows #3

by angeliska on September 18, 2009

A quick Magic Windows update from afar, these are actually all Austin related images that I’ve been meaning to show you for awhile.. Don’t worry, the New York edition of Magic Windows is shaping up to be pretty great. Just (…)

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Languishing in New York

by angeliska on September 16, 2009

(From the collection of Mark Dion and Dana Sherwood) I arrived in the city soundly, despite Mercury’s meddlings (delays, insane turbulence) and headed straight from the airport to the Hungarian House where my beloved Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band and (…)

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