R.I.P. Frankie Lee Junior

by angeliska on May 27, 2005

My dearest and oldest friend died on Wednesday, and I have never known such devastation. I have never known such devotion, such a pure and unconditional love from another living creature – and I doubt that I ever will again. (…)

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Scare Tactics

by angeliska on May 13, 2005

In honor of Friday the 13th, and the absolutely abhorrently shit day I’ve had, I bring you a little blood-lust, gore and mayhem! Such things always tend to always make me feel more cheerful, anyway. What follows is an exposition (…)

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ARTCHURCH (if you live in my town)

by angeliska on May 10, 2005

Tuesday = ARTCHURCH at Angel + Pandora’s 8pm – until.. we are tired of art and must have dance-party instead. (It used to be on Sundays, once upon a time- hence the CHURCH part..) Please bring: A project to work (…)

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by angeliska on May 9, 2005

I found this picture, randomly, of me sitting on the steps of my beloved old crumbling abode. I wish I could remember who took it. I don’t look particularly happy. My mama, the lonesome cowgirl, at 15 or 16 years. (…)

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Waking Dream

by angeliska on May 6, 2005

This is extremely vivid, and begins as though I am watching a film of an old Asian woman who lives alone on a beautiful, yet remote island. Only she’s not really all that old- maybe 60 years only, and her (…)

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by angeliska on May 2, 2005

And now.. I could be out here flying a kite over foggy fields the pungent pines the verdant vales the vapid vines and the thousand purple cups of wine.. I could find myself on a rainy night in a beautiful (…)

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