August Itinerary

by angeliska on June 27, 2005

Fullblast torch song of summer and itchy restless irritation only soothed by cool salt baths and long hours of langour, the sunlight dancing on your skin- lit up golden arms bursting with sparks from a slow breeze and I wake (…)

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by angeliska on June 21, 2005

I am fevered and fainéant, my skin is covered in blue flames. I walk in between sheets of dark water, and metallic waves of afternoon heat. My hands are stained bloody with beets and curry, black with walnut ink and (…)

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Sola Esperanza

by angeliska on June 4, 2005

Slowly, slowly returning from the depths- a dark morass clogged with twigs and tangling weeds that wind around your ankles and threaten to take you down, down.. A dim corner of the soul where this image is the only thing (…)

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