Unicorn Magic

by angeliska on October 30, 2009

I just realized how little time I have to get my act together regarding my Halloween costume! I think I have mostly everything I need, provided my bustier arrives in time – fingers crossed! I am on the hunt for (…)

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Cempasúchil por los Muertos

by angeliska on October 26, 2009

Photo by Nils Juul-Hansen This is from a shoot we did with Nils last year for the Disko De Los Muertos posters, I just dug up them up again! I was in such a design frenzy at the time, that (…)

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Magic Windows #5

by angeliska on October 24, 2009

Creepy cute lion babies, you hypnotize me. I cannot look away. You have me under your power. I will now paint everything I own gold! We had this giant preserved Alligator Gar specimen in the window at Uncommon Objects for (…)

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Midnight Honey

by angeliska on October 22, 2009

“Gypsy Interiors is a series of portraits capturing the private world of these outwardly loud, vivacious people. Here he finds a rich and profound intimacy, hidden but exhibited among antique furniture, tapestries, paintings, religious images, china, staircases and mirrors, set (…)

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Rest, then

by angeliska on October 21, 2009

(via paperlilies) Fever dreams, strange passages, sleeping all day. Oh, I’ve been so ill! Again, a nasty bug has knocked me down- an unfortunate casualty of my poor candle, burnt at both ends. I’ve been flattened like a pancake under (…)

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Strange Season

by angeliska on October 16, 2009

One of the many things I appreciate about Texas weather is the constant mercurial shifting between extremes. Honestly! I am, in so many ways, a creature of habit. I can easily get bogged down in work and routines, so perhaps (…)

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GADJO DISKO – Glamour + Sickle

by angeliska on October 15, 2009

Here we go! Time for another Gadjo Disko! Are you ready? I am! Or I will be, just as soon as I make my headdress! The next one is this Saturday, October 17th 10pm-4am at The Cockpit, 113 San Jacinto (…)

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Magic Windows #4

by angeliska on October 9, 2009

Summer’s dwindling has brought the storms: this one was coming for me before I began my journey. I outran it in high-heeled boots, the wind lashing at my leftover locks, head newly half-shorn, walking through the drive-through at the bank. (…)

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Balsam Honey

by angeliska on October 2, 2009

Well, not really! I’ve been hard at work and doing a lot of thinking, my friends- and so I do apologize for the quiet. Exciting things are soon to be revealed! The season is turning, and in these liminal states (…)

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