Magic Windows #5

by angeliska on October 24, 2009

Creepy cute lion babies, you hypnotize me. I cannot look away.
You have me under your power. I will now paint everything I own gold!

We had this giant preserved Alligator Gar specimen in the window at
Uncommon Objects for a little while, before it was snapped up. Wish I’d
gotten a better picture of it when I had the chance. A certain sweet someone
dropped many hints about wanting to hang it over our mantle someday…
Well, it was either the $1200 price tag, or the fact that as fascinated
as I am by these guys, they still give me with willies that stayed my hand.
Years of swimming in Texas lakes knowing that prehistoric monster fish
are brushing up against your toes is enough to induce major shudders.

Can you even handle how amazing this is? I cannot.
Oh! How I love an elk! Oh! How I love victorian errata!

Okay, gratuitous cute puppy photo snuck in for good measure!
Look y’all, she likes to sit in the hammock with me! I love her so much.

Invalid feeder + fancy cut-glass shot + teeth + star tea cup = covet!

I found this beautiful image of Miss Ruth in her coffin, covered in lilies.
Memorial photography is a tradition I wish we hadn’t lost along the way.
The back of the photograph is inscribed with the following:
“Ruth Mae Speechly – my sister
died of typhoid fever, 16 years.
August 3, 1926 in El Dorado, Ks.
buried in Forest Park, Range Line
Joplin, Mo.”


Oh I love the teeth. I have my Granny’s bridge. I love it.
I also have my brother’s tonsils and my husband’s wisdom teeth. Familial relics are so wonderful.

by Bean on October 25, 2009 at 3:11 pm. Reply #

Love those teeth 🙂

by Nix on October 26, 2009 at 11:09 am. Reply #

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