A Bright Blue Wish

by angeliska on December 31, 2010

This is an invocation. Breathe in blue, breathe out black. Throw the old wishes in the river, detritus of the old year, burnt to ash, warped and transformed, buried on the land where your ancestors spun in circles in May, (…)

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Wayfaring Strangers

by angeliska on December 30, 2010

The dark days are here to stay, it would seem – at least for all my friends in New Orleans. It feels wrong to even try to write about it at this point, but I really don’t know what else (…)

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Day of the Dead in New Orleans

by angeliska on December 27, 2010

Thinking about New Orleans all the time, and worrying for all my friends there. People are afraid to leave their houses, talking about buying shotguns, and reinforcing their doors and the bars on their windows. It’s hard to think back (…)

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Hexmas Spirits

by angeliska on December 25, 2010

✶ A Very Haeckel Christmas “Ernst Haeckel’s 1904 “Kunstformen der Natur” [Artforms of Nature] is a classic of biological illustration. What is less generally known is that the artist started as a Christmas card designer. The book was originally simply (…)

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Jon Flee – R.I.P.

by angeliska on December 24, 2010

Hey Flee-flee, long time no see. I’m not sure how else to do this, but in my usual way, which always seems to help me a bit – and sometimes others too. Maybe if you’re out there somewhere, a buzzing (…)

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Winter Solstice – Blood Moon

by angeliska on December 20, 2010

(This photo, and all others in this post, unless noted, is by the marvelous Sofia Ajram) Dark times, my loves. Dark days before the sun returns to us. Tonight even the moon will hide her face, turn the color of (…)

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Sylphide Treasures – Gypsy Honeymoon II.

by angeliska on December 13, 2010

This flock of blue morpho butterflies seems to be exploring… Gypsy Honeymoon is one of the special spots on my list of pilgrimages whilst visiting San Francisco. I met the ravishing owner, Gabrielle Ekedal the first time my grandfather and (…)

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Maraschino Honey

by angeliska on December 1, 2010

★ This interview with Patti Smith in Japan just rocks my world. She is so raw, and unafraid – totally unfiltered, totally high. This world needs more role models like her. “I might be 31 years old, but I’ve just (…)

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