The Witch of Leda Court

by angeliska on September 30, 2004

I discovered the Witch of Leda Court back in 2004, when I still lived in New Orleans. It was another life. I was off on an excursion to the Botanical Gardens and the Sculpture Garden with the man who would (…)

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by angeliska on September 16, 2004

All is well and we are safely ensconced in the centrally air-conditioned and fluffy bunnycarpeted bosom of suburbia- with a millionchannels and fountains of doctor pepperto sustain us ’til we head out back homethis evening- barely a drop of rain (…)

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by angeliska on September 14, 2004

These are the faces of my fear- A roaring deluge hurtling towards our delicate teacup, perched so precariously between the devil and the deep blue sea- or the big brown river and the lake, as the case may be.. I (…)

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