Lower Ninth Aftermath

by angeliska on March 11, 2006

Before we left New Orleans we made a terrible sort of pilgrimage, to the pitiful remains of what was once a neighborhood, home after home destroyed completely, lost irrevocably. My friend Myrtle told me not to go, but I knew (…)

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by angeliska on March 8, 2006

With no sleep to speak of, the feathers fluttering, the sun ablazing, the glitter geysers soaring we hobbled and sashayed our rag-tag entourage across the tracks and to down Ye Olde Friendly Bar to meet up with the Krewe of (…)

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Lundi Gras (A pictorial essay on the nature of debauchery)

by angeliska on March 7, 2006

We rolled into town just as Krewe of Eris was lining up at the train tracks duskwise with shopping carts stuffed with golden behemoth baby puppet-monsters with glowy eyes. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures to prove it. Anybody have (…)

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