Lundi Gras (A pictorial essay on the nature of debauchery)

by angeliska on March 7, 2006

We rolled into town just as Krewe of Eris was lining up
at the train tracks duskwise with shopping carts stuffed
with golden behemoth baby puppet-monsters with glowy eyes.
Sadly, I don’t have any pictures to prove it.
Anybody have an extra KoE poster from this year or last?

A cloud of Angel’s Trumpets to herald our arrival with datural clarions!
Springtime in Post-Katrina New Orleans, baby.. Intoxicating much?

Miss Raven (in her snazzy Pussycat Gun Girls uniform)
flanked by her loving husband, the irreverent and towering Jayme Kalal.

Bringing it home with 9th Ward Marching Band at the Proteus Parade..

Sweet Miss Elena

Pandory caught the hypothermia. Luckily, I avoided gettin’ bit..

P and Nina Carolina, representing the United States of America.


I think this picture pretty much sums Lundi Gras up for ya.

Oh, and here’s Peaches. With no head, apparently. And my friend, her ass.
She played with Quintron and Miss Pussycat and the Gun Girls,
and I sort of remember most of it, and then we never went to bed,
and I have lots of pictures of that but they are all too Retardi-Gras
to show you. Sorry. And then it was…
(coming soon..)

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