by angeliska on January 17, 2004

A few films that make me very happy indeed One I had never seen before- BATTLE ROYALE Every year a school class picked at random will be cast away on a lush deserted island to fight it out among themselves. The (…)

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whelping day o' wonders

by angeliska on January 14, 2004

It took a few days to recover from such an exceedingly marvelous party, such an absurd excess of treats and tricksiness.. Now the house is quiet and empty but for a few little sleepyheads, strewn with streamers and bits of (…)

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by angeliska on January 9, 2004

Hi Kittykats- You are all invited to my birthday party, which is tomorrow, Saturday, the 10th day of January. It is the whelping anniversary of when I was a leetle jaundiced larva. If you can make it- we’ll be going (…)

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Of Death, and Birthdays and What-not

by angeliska on January 7, 2004

I am up too late with pounding head in the nighttoo full of hopes and wishes and sorrows for sleep. It makes me want to run out naked in the colddown to the muddy river banks and dip my handsin (…)

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Ourobouros and Calyx

by angeliska on January 4, 2004

A summation of days, nutshelled and cracked open: I count them out in dreams, pale wisps that float at my periphery.. The First – I find a strange new species of carnivorous plant- They resemble tiny blunt trees and shift (…)

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