Of Death, and Birthdays and What-not

by angeliska on January 7, 2004

I am up too late with pounding head in the night
too full of hopes and wishes and sorrows for sleep.

It makes me want to run out naked in the cold
down to the muddy river banks and dip my hands
in virgin black honey, in candle wax, into the beehive..

Here are the things in my head, in no particular order:

My little frog Yaroslava died.
I found her hanging from a branch
legs extended at a sick angle,
her little head lifeless-
submerged in the water.
She was my leetle friend
and I am missing her so.
I really loved her a lot
even though I know it’s silly
to fall in love with such tiny delicate things.
Still, I cried and cried.

Her brother Gustav is as fine and fat as ever.
I think her goaded her into it.

Also, I have found a new appointment,
joyfully relinquishing my post slinging sushi
at ristorante japonais and find myself
moving on to greener pastures..
I was offered a quite delectable position
at Sideshow, a delightful cabinet of curiosities
and circus freaks and magic tricks which I hope
to purvey with great aplomb.

The other is that my birthday approacheth.

I have decided just now that perhaps to celebrate
I would like to have a birthday party
and go to the zoo, and get a balloon..
And fill the house with flowers
and eat lots of tasty treats..
Champagne and Cassis Lambic!
Salmon Roe and Squid Steak!
Fanciful Frocks and Fascinating Fragrances!
Hazelnut Birthday Cake!
And a crown made of bees..
It shimmers in my mind like a dream
keeping me awake with silver flashes of light.
It is good to have a dream like that.
And you are all invited.
Please to come and frolic with me.

This newborn year is filled with
a multitude of auspicious beginnings
and strange endings.

My grail overfloweth, and all.


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