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11.11.14. – HEARTFOOD

by angeliska on November 11, 2014

Last night I dreamt I was getting married. Walking through a garden with tables set for a banquet, floral arrangements spilling over with bright orange berries and paper lantern flowers. Lights were strung from the trees. Everything was being prepared, (…)

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Year of the Horse

by angeliska on December 31, 2013

The tail end of the year is about to brush past us, this imagined point between now and then that keeps me feeling like I’m dancing on the head of a pin – trying to keep up, to push forward, (…)

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Cold Winter Moon, Solstice Blue

by angeliska on December 18, 2013

The Full Cold Moon in Gemini is still soaring above as I write this, casting a bright purity of blue light over the trees grown bare with the season. I am always shocked by how much stronger the moonlight seems (…)

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Wild Blue Yonder

by angeliska on August 8, 2013

August 8th is the twenty-seventh anniversary of my mother’s death. Every year when this day rolls around again I take stock of the condition of my heart, and pause to consider my path – the one that has led me (…)

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Blue Chicory Honey

by angeliska on June 16, 2010

Found from Bean (aka. riotclitshave) Wish I knew more! Isn’t it stunning? Woman with Cross and Skull 19th c. – Qajar period, Iran Opaque watercolor and gold on paper Mistick Krewe of Comus float design, by Jennie Wilde — 1910 (…)

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Unicorn Magic

by angeliska on October 30, 2009

I just realized how little time I have to get my act together regarding my Halloween costume! I think I have mostly everything I need, provided my bustier arrives in time – fingers crossed! I am on the hunt for (…)

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Balsam Honey

by angeliska on October 2, 2009

Well, not really! I’ve been hard at work and doing a lot of thinking, my friends- and so I do apologize for the quiet. Exciting things are soon to be revealed! The season is turning, and in these liminal states (…)

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Recurring Dreams II. – Smoke + Dust

by angeliska on July 20, 2009

First of all, I must say thank you to everyone who shared their recurring dreams here recently. I was truly blown away by all the rich symbolism and power in these dreams, and especially by how open a lot of (…)

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Recurring Dreams

by angeliska on July 19, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about recurring dreams lately. I had a conversation with the woman I happened to be sitting next to in the movie theater. I’m not excatly sure right now how we got on the subject, but (…)

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by angeliska on May 5, 2008

Time-machine transmogrification and too little sleep take me somewhere I’ve never been before, I fall asleep in one city and awaken in another. I finally get to visit Casa Francesca, a magical abode stuffed with wonderful books, and nooks and (…)

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