by angeliska on May 10, 2003

Apparently last night, I was talking in my sleep again.. I was told that around 3:30am I was twisting my hands into claws above my head and uttered these words: “WHATEVER THE WOLF IS, I’LL CHANGE” I haven’t spoken in (…)

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In Cold Hell, in Thicket

by angeliska on May 7, 2003

In cold hell, in thicket, how abstract (as high mind, as not lust, as love is) how strong (as strut or wing, as polytope, as things are constellated) how strung, how cold can a man stay (can men) confronted thus? (…)

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the frivolous cake – by mister mervyn peake

by angeliska on May 6, 2003

(from lady fuschia’s book) a freckled and frivolous cake there was that sailed on a pointless sea, or any lugubrious lake there was in a manner emphatic and free. how jointlessly, and how jointlessly the frivolous cake sailed by on (…)

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Soliloquies from The Theatre of Apophenia

by angeliska on May 2, 2003

“There is both amber and lodestone. Whether thou art iron or straw, thou wilt come to the hook.” Today, by the wharf I watched a mockingbird chase down a big crow in flight- nipping with sharp beak at black wings.. (…)

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