Hurricane Katrina: Four Years Later

by angeliska on August 29, 2009

A hard day, full of painful remembrances and revelations. I wake in a panic, the dogs are barking wildly and I twist my shoulder in my haste to rise, my body not as awake as my mind. Head pounding, worried (…)

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Octopus Honey

by angeliska on August 27, 2009

That and this on a rainy (!) night. The storm thrumbles and booms overhead, the little dogs shiver and quake- and me clickety-clack before a little late-night leftover scallops + gorgonzola grits from The Blue Dahlia, muy delicioso! Looking at (…)

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Magic Windows #1

by angeliska on August 26, 2009

Want to see into my day-to-day? My crazy-ass hyper-power robot celephone records it fairly faithfully for me, and it’s high-time for a magic window party! Jewels from the shop. Sometimes I cannot resist the sparkle. Okay, I admit that I (…)

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Gilded Bats

by angeliska on August 20, 2009

I am finally beginning to feel halfway human again after le disko deluge, (yes more on that soon!) As usual, it’s not quite Thursday anymore– but c’est la vie! So many things have been happening lately that my heart feels (…)

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Gadjo Disko – Glamour + Sickle Fashion Show

by angeliska on August 14, 2009

Sorry for any radio silence, kittens- I am so busy getting ready for this: Gadjo Disko Eastern Bloc Party is a throwdown ethnotechno diskoteka dance party with extravagantly spangled attendees rump-shakin’ to DJ Chicken Kiev and a bevy of acts (…)

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Until the Sphinx Winks

by angeliska on August 10, 2009

I attended another 1929 party recently, and got dolled up accordingly- in a vampy-boudoir doll ensemble Ă  la Theda Bara or Pola Negri. If there is any era I feel a total resonance with, it’s absolutely the late teens and (…)

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Foxes in the Rain

by angeliska on August 9, 2009

Today something magical happened: it rained while the sun was shining. I know perhaps it’s not so very rare, but when it does occur and the opportunity for dancing around madly in it present itself- well, it really is pure (…)

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Foot Patrol

by angeliska on August 5, 2009

Apologies for the extremely short notice, but if you’re anywhere near New York this week, I must entreat you to hie yourself into the city to check out Foot Patrol! They are one of my local favorite bands, known for (…)

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