Russet + Bone

by angeliska on November 28, 2008

Finally it’s beginning to feel like Fall- though short-lived as it is, the leaves everywhere are golden, flame-colored, russet and scarlet. Perhaps not as dramatically so as in other places, but I for one am pleased. I would really rather (…)

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by angeliska on November 25, 2008

On our second day in the city by the sea, we unearthed a curious creature curled up in a tree-stump. Bright dark eyes and nose a-twitch, glossy curls and black-orchid scented.. Peekaboo. We were able to lure her out with (…)

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Chinatown + Forest-Spirits

by angeliska on November 21, 2008

Returning home as always is bittersweet, and voyages are rarely long enough. Oh we tried, valiantly, to cram as much into every day (and night) as we possibly could- but still, the list was far too long! It was a (…)

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The Barbary Coast

by angeliska on November 9, 2008

On Tuesday, my sweetheart and my grandfather and I are going to San Francisco for a week! It’s strange to think that it has been nearly a year since I visited San Francisco! So much has happened in that time, (…)

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by angeliska on November 8, 2008

Oh lordy. ¡Disko De Los Muertos! nearly done skinned me and hung me up to dry- such an amazing, insane, magical night. The costumes were truly incredible, (as you can see below- a few of my favorites) there were some (…)

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Salomé + Yma Sumac

by angeliska on November 7, 2008

I was Salomé for Halloween this year, as in Dance of the Seven Veils, daughter of Herodias, and all that. I suppose I oughtn’t have been surprised at how many people I met had no idea who Salomé was.. All (…)

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Día de los Muertos – R.I.P. Studs Terkel

by angeliska on November 2, 2008

I was saddened to hear that Studs Terkel died on Halloween. He was an amazing man, whom I had the honor of meeting a couple of years ago. We went to visit him at his house in Chicago on Thanksgiving (…)

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