by angeliska on March 28, 2003

But I am not lost any more than leaves are lost or buried vases This is not my time I would only give you second thoughts I know you must call me traitor because I have wasted my blood in (…)

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by angeliska on March 25, 2003

the calliope floats up and down the river the tinkling sounds from the pipe organ play: “does eat oats, and mares eat oats, and little lambs eat ivy- a kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?” this cheers me up and (…)

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by angeliska on March 21, 2003

in the fifth grade, we were given the task of choosing a poem to memorize and recite before the class. my father suggested this one to me, and i remember at the time, even as a child, recognizing its relevance, (…)

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a cold astonished word i kissed to sleep

by angeliska on March 18, 2003

the air was blue and golden- the wind was blowing through the open doors, birds follow the currents and get trapped, caught in the web of music, batting against the high ceilings.. but today it’s only the paper cut-outs, making (…)

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by angeliska on March 13, 2003

in which life becomes a fantastical blur of bodies in motion and at rest (though rest for me is so fleeting of late) as i am seem to be always moving on my feet between working two quite kickass jobs (…)

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morpho eugenia

by angeliska on March 8, 2003

it had been so long since i had traversed roads untrodden- a liberating feeling, to break away from the daily pattern; to and fro, hither and thither and yon.. by bus and bicycle for farther afield, and how wonderful to (…)

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Voila les petites creatures musicales qui se cachent dans les fleurs!

by angeliska on March 6, 2003

yes indeed, my little yickens, the madness has finally passed- mardi gras is officially over, and now we can go back, thank heavens, to our regularly scheduled program, with 90% less retarded, drunken tourons getting underfoot.. since i lost my (…)

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