by angeliska on November 30, 2012

I’ve been wanting to draw this all together for awhile, ever since I found a half-full bottle of Diptyque’s L’Autre on Ebay last year. It’s a scent I’d been hearing tale about for years – one that intrigued me since (…)

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Spirit Song Rock

by angeliska on November 20, 2012

Right. So, instead of getting married on 11.11.12 – I drove out to the hills, out to the place where the earth reaches up to touch the stars. The place where my bones come from, the place where my people (…)

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11.11.12. – INSTEAD

by angeliska on November 11, 2012

11.11.11 – ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN – A WISH. One year ago, today, we went to Marfa instead of getting married. My love and I. We went out there, to the big sky and dry desert to try to heal, to (…)

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by angeliska on November 2, 2012

I am so grateful to be experiencing Day of the Dead in New Orleans again this year – to be able to engage in the ritual of the yearly procession to honor our beloved dead, and to remind ourselves that (…)

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