Origins as Ourobouros

by angeliska on November 28, 2004

A chilly night in Chi-townand the wind is howling likea disembodied thing, beatingagainst the glass, whisperingwarnings or beseeching usto walk out to the vast lakeand let it beat us in the face.But I don’t think so. Because inside it is (…)

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Here and There – Katerpoesie

by angeliska on November 25, 2004

It was seven days twice over (a fortnight, they used to call it) sick in the city of serendipity. Transfixed in the path of those nameless denizens rushing down corridors – Innocent, mad and hex-marked. Lost girls cross-eyed, hare-lipped and (…)

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Start spreading the news…

by angeliska on November 3, 2004

My grandfather and I are taking another tripthis November- this time to New York and Chicago.I’d like to frolic with any of you in those cities,and if anyone has advice for things of interestI must not miss, please do bring (…)

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Adventures in Halloweenland

by angeliska on November 1, 2004

Due to an unprecedented peak in temperatures, all of our beautiful pumpkins becameexceedingly moldy, insect-riddenand befurred with a thick blue fuzz.Poor lumina luna moth, too-the pale green pumpkin also suffereda similar fate: early this morning(or late last night, depending)our band (…)

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