Adventures in Halloweenland

by angeliska on November 1, 2004

Due to an unprecedented peak in temperatures,
all of our beautiful pumpkins became
exceedingly moldy, insect-ridden
and befurred with a thick blue fuzz.
Poor lumina luna moth, too-
the pale green pumpkin also suffered
a similar fate: early this morning
(or late last night, depending)
our band of unruly revelers
hurled them at the morning buses,
those horribly noisy
smoke-spewing monstrosities.
The poor bus driver was
really given quite a start.

Do you like our owl?
   -It’s artificial? 
Of course it is.
    -Must be expensive. 
      I’m Rachael.

Also in attendance were Sweeney Todd and Margery Lovett:

And a dastardly villain wielding an antique polaroid:

Witness him attack an adorable red velvet cake!
Will he try and take a bite, or tie her to the train tracks?

We were witness to an apparition of the Holy BVM,
Star of the Sea, Mother of Heaven, Queen of Angels, etc.
(otherwise know as Mlle. )
Note her hands folded in a particularly pious
attitude of prayer and devotion..

At some point in the evening,
she left heaven to become a showgirl..
That Mary, ever so versatile!

During our wanderings and perambulations
we engaged in a bit of “faire du leche vitrine“,
literally licking the windows- behind which
glittered an array of sparkling chandeliers
and gorgeous stained glass lamps and lanterns..

Ooh la la!

All in all, it was an eminently enjoyable Halloween-
We all made wishes at the end of the night
blowing out the candles on top of the red velvet cake
before we sliced her up into dainty pieces!
She assured us before we ate her that
each and every one would come true.

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