Peachtree Moon

by angeliska on June 30, 2010

It’s been a strange and heavy time for me lately, fraught with unforeseen changes, and deep transformation. In times like these, I tend to retreat inward, and am prone to hermiting and becoming protective of my silence, my space to (…)

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by angeliska on June 22, 2010

In the third buckwild installment of Azz Everywhere we are bringing you the dirtiest mouth in the south, hot lady rapper and New Orleans Bounce diva The Legendary Ms. Tee! Our DJs Rusty Lazer DJ Twerk (aka. Chicken Kiev) will (…)

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Summer Solstice – Poppytime

by angeliska on June 21, 2010

I haven’t written about our garden in a little while, possibly because I’ve been too busy enjoying working in it, and getting my hands dirty to remember to photograph all the transformations. Poppytime has passed now, and it’s a pity! (…)

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The Pomology of Sweetness and Light

by angeliska on June 17, 2010

Fellow Austinites, these next four days are your last chance to see this incredible show! My BFFs, the Black Forest Fancies have been staying in our garden, camped out in tents and the trailer for two weeks, and it is (…)

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Blue Chicory Honey

by angeliska on June 16, 2010

Found from Bean (aka. riotclitshave) Wish I knew more! Isn’t it stunning? Woman with Cross and Skull 19th c. – Qajar period, Iran Opaque watercolor and gold on paper Mistick Krewe of Comus float design, by Jennie Wilde — 1910 (…)

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Queerbomb Magic 2010

by angeliska on June 8, 2010

Well, I am thrilled to relate that the first ever Queerbomb was a rollicking success! My heart was expanded to the point of bursting by the sight and sounds of so many of our finest folks frolicking in the street. (…)

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by angeliska on June 4, 2010

Can I tell you a little story? It’s one I’ve told a few times recently, but never written down – until tonight. I’ve been thinking about transitional moments a lot recently. I think that in those in-between spaces is where (…)

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R.I.P. Louise Bourgeois

by angeliska on June 1, 2010

This picture was taken in the Sculpture Garden at The New Orleans Museum of Art six years ago by the man who I would discover to be the love of my life. Can you imagine? I had no idea, then, (…)

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