Queerbomb Magic 2010

by angeliska on June 8, 2010

Well, I am thrilled to relate that the first ever Queerbomb was a rollicking
success! My heart was expanded to the point of bursting by the sight and
sounds of so many of our finest folks frolicking in the street. Have you ever
taken over a public space like that? There’s something incredibly powerful
and liberating in that act – it transforms the area, frees it from the ordinary
status of being solely a thoroughfare, and makes it magic. Crossing the
highway, and seeing all the cars stopped to let our procession pass
gave me chills of joy. Minor Mishap Marching band totally brought it,
and really made the parade – the music was so good, and it was so
delightful to have the chance to experience the acoustic magic of
a marching band jamming beneath an underpass! The general
feeling of elation was so intense, it brought tears to my eyes.
We were able to get a permit (in a cray-mazing turn of events),
and the Mayor of Austin made June 4th officially
QUEERBOMB DAY! Can you believe it?
I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many incredible,
hard-working, creative and beautiful people!
Here are a few of them for you to meet:

I forget this boy’s name (and his kitty’s name) but aren’t they the best?

My electric friend Penny (aka DJ Lovecat) is a magic dancer and has a
blog: The Mothership Connection – you can download or listen to her
special new Queerbomb-insprired mix “Lovecat Supreme” there!
I can tell you from direct experience that it is the perfect
soundtrack for dancing around in your underwear.

Silky gave a really beautiful speech in this incredible jeweled cloak she made.
It’s a very special garment indeed – she must have spent a million hours hot
glue-ing those suckers on. It’s geometric sparkle magic, and it makes me think
of Mardi Gras Indians and DMT gnomes.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Brianna. She is so beautiful!

Los Blancas Locas! I love Will and his band of naughty albino cupid go-go dancers.

Allyson Garro (of Coco Coquette!) and Tiana Hux (MC Sweet Tea) are the
hottest sugar-mama baby-dolls! They smell like candy and new dollie!
Also, if you are bad they will spank you with their candy-sticks.

Sadly, this was taken after I had lost most of my tinsel beard, but you get idea.

Kate X Messer + I = love. She has entered the pantheon of totally mind-blowing
Virgo women who I admire and adore. A great writer, and a great friend.

Caleb and Maverick. Cuteness.

I love this photo of Miss Lea. She is very lovely indeed.

Angelica + Lea sharing sisterly love. They both have such elegant, elfin
chins and jawlines, don’t you think? I’m a sucker for good bones.

Katzen, displaying her bisexually proud leg. Love it.
More photos are here, but be warned some are so NSFW!:
Queerbomb 2010!
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oh yes please, lets have a parade every weekend! so much fun and magik…i had goosebumps over and over again that night.
(p. s. i think that shoulder ridin’ kitteh’s name is bunny…)

by katinka on June 8, 2010 at 5:32 pm. Reply #

isadora and i had so much fun. we are looking forward to many years of queerbomb.

by molly.karen on June 8, 2010 at 6:42 pm. Reply #

Kitty’s boy is named Jeph. And that was the most fun I’ve had in Austin since 6th Street was all dance clubs. 🙂

by Ryq on June 11, 2010 at 3:43 pm. Reply #

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