by angeliska on May 27, 2006

It is all coming together in myriad ways I never imagined.. Now the real work begins- backbreaking at times, but it feels amazing to be working on a home I can truly call my own, our own! It is terrifying (…)

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Housecooling Party

by angeliska on May 15, 2006

We bought a house! (Not pictured below!) Therefore, celebrations must ensue- a garden party to say goodbye to the abode of yestern and hello to the domicile of the future! Come frolic with us before we enter into the exciting (…)

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The Bee's Knees

by angeliska on May 11, 2006

It feels like it has been forever and a day but you look up from the heap of tasks and suddenly the trees are wreathed in thick vines and spring has tangled her pale green fingers in the hem of (…)

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