by angeliska on May 27, 2006

It is all coming together
in myriad ways I never imagined..
Now the real work begins-
backbreaking at times, but it feels
amazing to be working on a home
I can truly call my own, our own!
It is terrifying and gorgeous.
I’ve got all kinds of interesting stories
from Renovation Station, but those will
have to wait until I’ve gotten it all together.
For now, I will say goodbye to my sweet
pixie cottage witch shack who has been
so very good to me.
I have always loved living in wee
Baba Yaga huts with chicken feet
but now is time for many rooms, many doors,
many windows, wonders..
Much has happened here in this little place.
I came here so broken and scared and
was held here, calmed and wombed.
I was born a few blocks away,
this neighborhood quiet and lazy and lovely
and filled with memories.
My mama’s old stomping ground,
the Elisabet Ney museum,
Sursum! – hallowed hills and cedars.
Dear Dougling took many photos of my old house
during the housecooling party-
some of my favorites are below..
I have to have and share just a glimpse
of all my treasures before everything goes
back into boxes for months and months!
So onward with peaceful visions of the
recent past, as corners of this place
now stand empty- and slowly our sweet
new home feels more and more just that-
home sweet home.

Cobalt and cuttings in the windowsill.

My Lady Story.

Oliver and Oswald.

Automatic portrait, cat-butt, butterflies.

The way it was.

Through the kitchen window.

Molly Luz and I.

Little Eliza Kai.

Floaty doorways.

On the way out.

Doll sisters.
My fingers are stained with peacock blue ink.
I’m about to embark upon a great adventure.

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