Strawberry Honey

by angeliska on June 28, 2009

I remember a few years ago, in New Orleans, I bought a carton of strawberries at the Farmer’s Market. I had become somewhat ambivalent about them over the years, having eaten far too many over-inflated, pale and watery mutants with (…)

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midsommervise for min far

by angeliska on June 21, 2009

Happy Midsummer’s Eve, Summer Solstice, and Father’s Day my dearies- I hope this weekend has found you blissfully enjoying the land and the water, and hopefully a big bonfire to jump over! I know that I am very blessed to (…)

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Gemini Birthday Twins: Dame Darcy + Christy Kane

by angeliska on June 19, 2009

Today is the birthday of two of my dear friend, and favorite fancy ladies: Christy Kane and Dame Darcy! Not only do they share a birthday, but also a predilection for making beautiful and bizarre dolls, dark victoriana, and all (…)

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Larkin Grimm: Advanced Shapeshifter

by angeliska on June 18, 2009

My interview with Larkin Grimm is up at Coilhouse! Go take a gander, and get acquainted with Parplar, if you find the chance. It’s my favorite album of the year, hands down. Spend some time with it this summer. It’s (…)

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Disko Duets

by angeliska on June 15, 2009

Normally I don’t end up posting the Gadjo Disko photos here until just before the next one, for various reasons (mainly laziness!) but it was such a fabulous night, I just couldn’t wait until then! This ensemble was my favorite (…)

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Disko Disko!

by angeliska on June 12, 2009

It’s time for GADJO DISKO, babies! I’m going to be up late tonight, working on my ensemble- I’ve got to construct a skirt, since I couldn’t find a suitable one anywhere- though I did experience a veritable shoe miracle! I’ll (…)

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Scrapyard Honey

by angeliska on June 4, 2009

The other day we went out to the scrapyard. When your sweetheart is a blacksmith, this is a pretty common field trip. If you’re hunting for the perfect piece of metal junk or odd machine parts, then it becomes a (…)

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