(La Vie Rêvée des Anges)

by angeliska on December 11, 2004

Every dream I have had in the past month has involved intruders in my home. I’ve found creative ways each time to dispatch them all, neatly or otherwise. But why is this? Except for one last night where I woke (…)

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Slava petukhu!

by angeliska on December 9, 2004

It seems someone made a grave error in neglecting torenew our subscription forwinter this year- it ran outa few days ago, and now we swelter and sweat inthe muggy mist of mid-December. Fucking unreal. A few nights ago a specialouting (…)

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True Happiness

by angeliska on December 2, 2004

Looks like this: (shamelessly filched from ) My homecoming arrivalwas feted by unexpected elveswho rang me in with sweetness,a lovely dinner inspired witha chinese-mexican donut shop theme:haricots vertes with sesame and shoyutofu enchiladas and butterscotch pudding- all for only a (…)

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