by angeliska on September 18, 2005

Perhaps you’ve seen this already, or perhaps everyone’s already sick of hearing about it, looking at it, just the thought of the smell of it creeping under conversations in crowded bars, everybody’s opinions, a foul odor pours in from the (…)

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The Triumph of Death

by angeliska on September 7, 2005

A few weeks ago, I was in the Prado- standing in front of the apocalyptic juggernaut that is Brueghel’s The Triumph of Death: Little did I know when gazing upon it then that it would become an illustration of the (…)

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What can you do?

by angeliska on September 1, 2005

Thank you all for your kind wishes and thoughts, and offers of help and lodgings- I’m still in Houston for another day or so, until I can get to Austin where I have numerous people who will put me up. (…)

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