Pred dozhdot

by angeliska on July 30, 2005

So, on Tuesday we leave on our grand journey! I can’t wait to see my beloved Grandfather- to see the world and spend time with him.. He’s 91 years old, and the most amazing person I know. I am looking (…)

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Night of the Living Dead New Wavers

by angeliska on July 26, 2005

For P.’s birthday we had a.. DEATHRAWK-ZOMBIE-DANCEFLOOR-FREAKOUT! This is what it looked like: T. Little and Pandory Brother Clit and the birthday girl And this is what the cake looked like: Cherry-limeade cake with wee zombies. It turned your teeth (…)

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Hora ca la ursari

by angeliska on July 18, 2005

You ate me up, you bear-leader, And you too, you bootmaker, Come to me, little maid, Come to me, you dark little girl. Never mind that I’ve dark hair, Or that I’m talented in bed, One two twelve, let me (…)

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wrathful winds withered by willful wenches

by angeliska on July 3, 2005

In my dream I fall into this photograph: I see a white tornado in the distance, a churning, whirling wraith intent on savaging the idyllic scene I see before me: deep slate blue sky and golden fields, the pristine farmhouse (…)

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