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by angeliska on December 31, 2016

We are coming through the tunnel of winter, passing through the portal into a new time. The sun is being reborn, and with it, a new day – & a hopefulness. It’s almost gone, this wild and unpredictable year that (…)

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by angeliska on February 6, 2013

I’m opening a time capsule into a Mardi Gras day of yore that I never got around to writing about – I have a few of those stowed away in my dusty attic of an archive, and it’s just not (…)

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Feast of All Souls

by angeliska on December 7, 2012

This year on November 2nd, which is Day of the Dead or All Souls’ Day, (also known as the Commemoration of All Faithful Departed), I was in New Orleans – a city that is on more intimate terms with death (…)

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Spirit Song Rock

by angeliska on November 20, 2012

Right. So, instead of getting married on 11.11.12 – I drove out to the hills, out to the place where the earth reaches up to touch the stars. The place where my bones come from, the place where my people (…)

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11.11.12. – INSTEAD

by angeliska on November 11, 2012

11.11.11 – ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN – A WISH. One year ago, today, we went to Marfa instead of getting married. My love and I. We went out there, to the big sky and dry desert to try to heal, to (…)

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Travel Light

by angeliska on September 3, 2012

As someone that has traveled extensively from a fairly young age, I find it a bit absurd that I have long struggled with the art of proper packing. I learned the hard way, pretty early on, that whatever I took (…)

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The Smoky Shadows of Dollywood

by angeliska on August 12, 2012

It has been a dream of mine to visit Dollywood for a long, long time now – and today, I can happily say that my wish has been finally been fulfilled! What’s even more amazing is that my experience exploring (…)

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Family Vacation – Hank Williams' Grave

by angeliska on August 8, 2012

When I was six years old, my mother and father and I drove from Taylor, Texas to Montgomery, Alabama to make a pilgrimage to Hank Williams’ grave. This was to be our first, last and only family vacation. At the (…)

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by angeliska on August 1, 2012

Yesterday, I crossed a milestone that has been waiting for me for half my life. At the age of 33, I passed my driving test, and at long last – got my driver’s license. It’s an odd feeling: at once (…)

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Sweet Violets

by angeliska on May 25, 2011

Earlier this month, we took a journey up North, where it is still spring. Little green fiddleheads are just starting to poke their drowsy heads up from the dark earth. The air was sharp and green, the black branches of (…)

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