Magic Windows #10

by angeliska on February 4, 2010

Here’s a wee quickie mini-birthdee review, in magic window form, for your delight and delectation. As always, the Magic Windows series is a portal into my world in snippets captured my my trusty telephone camera. The full details (or as (…)

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Birthdee Glee

by angeliska on January 23, 2009

I am very happy and a tad abashed to admit that my 30th birthday was such a momentous occasion that it has taken me nearly two weeks to recover from the festivities! Our abode may never recover, in fact- we (…)

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O Mais Ko Aprilis

by angeliska on April 9, 2007

all I want is to be writing and it goes something like… once that wish did land-like a star in my hand- it burned and it burned and it burrowed in- soar through the source searching- hammer and ping-and tapped (…)

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Birthdee Wishes Come True

by angeliska on January 22, 2007

Woefully, shamefully behind am I in recounting my days- and most other tasks to be honest, me duckies.. The recent ice storm set me back, though it seems I would’ve used the time wisely, mostly I just huddled around the (…)

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The Bee's Knees

by angeliska on May 11, 2006

It feels like it has been forever and a day but you look up from the heap of tasks and suddenly the trees are wreathed in thick vines and spring has tangled her pale green fingers in the hem of (…)

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