O Mais Ko Aprilis

by angeliska on April 9, 2007

all I want is to be writing and it goes something like…
once that wish did land-like a star in my hand-
it burned and it burned and it burrowed in-
soar through the source searching-
hammer and ping-and tapped my virgin spring-
and prime the vein with milk of mother-
and wet my river bed-
pearls strung up on silk thread-
the starry one-beams his light-
he’s working under-
diggin through the dark gatherin particles-
findin everything you ever wished for
in your soul like a seed of wonder
faith of mustard.

Jesca Hoop, Seed of Wonder

The other night Faith and I played an impromptu set
at Art Outside, a fantastic yearly event held
at the very beautiful Enchanted Forest..

This is more what it really looked like-
on a stage in the woods by the babbling creek
and thundering locomotive going by..
Fairy lights and giant glowing umbrellas!

Faith is really amazing- I’m so glad she’s
dwelling in this neck of the woods!
We had never played music together before,
or even practiced our set as Papyrus
(She’s Papaya, I’m Iris- together we are..)
From all the sweet words (and bouquets, oh la!)
we received afterwards, I can only assume
that it went well! They asked us to play
again on the 15th, but you see…

On that weekend, Colin’s Papa (who is a physics professor at A&M)
invited us to attend the annual Physics Festival.
Stephen Hawking will be giving a lecture-
as well as attending barbeque picnic on the lake..
Holy singularity, Batman-
a picnic with Stephen Hawking?
I’m there- and how!

These are my friends The Flaming Fire.
They put on a fantastic show, which you really should see sometime.
Especially if you like weird cults, and the color red.
Also, their cover of Willie Nelson’s “Whiskey River”
may be the best thing ever.

Und these ones are meine freunden und neighbours That Damned Band
who live down the street at That Damned House.
They also put on an incredible show,
and have an authentic Circus Sideshow and Museum..
You can catch them at the Enchanted Forest this month..

Listen, y’all- my dear friend Jay
drummer extraordinaire for
A Particularly Vicious Rumor
and all-around sweetie pie
is headed to Berlin for awhile..
He needs to escape New Orleans,
and is looking for good folks,
a new home, interesting places and things..
Any recommendations for him would be
greatly appreciated!

I spent a whole afternoon picking loquats
from the tree out back, completely loaded
down with ripe fruit it was..
I plucked the seeds out until my hands were
stained from their juices- I put them in
the freezer with buckwheat honey and raw ginger.
They are used to treat sore throats
and bronchial complaints.
Also, they are very tasty.

Magic Summer Birch Juice has been the refreshing
beverage of choice around these parts lately..
Have you ever tried it? It’s surprisingly good!
I’ve also discovered Roasted Coconut Juice
so much better! It has chunks of coconut
meat in the can, so you kind of get a meal, too.

This is my favorite flavour of ice cream.
It is Purple Yam, or Ube mixed with
Taro root, and Macapuno Coconut.
It is the most magical flavour (and colour!)
I would like to just fill a kiddie pool with it.
You can get it at most Filipino groceries-
here at the wonderful Jegimajo Tea House.

While I’m rhapsodizing about yummy delicacies,
here’s some delightful frog cake for Jack’s birthday!

..as well as a half-eaten Rat Cake that Nicholai made us!

I had to take a picture of this marvelous parcel
I received from my dear friend Elizabeth..
It contained
♥ a sweet stuffed owl
♥ fancy german easter bunny chocolate
♥ this amazing grackle necklace from hotcakes
♥ bay leaves from her mama’s garden
♥ a wee lovely notebook
The Ladies of Grace Adieu
(I’ve been wishing for it- and it is every bit as good as i had hoped..
Gorgeous illustrations!)

Alright, it’s terribly late now
and no longer actually Easter,
though I will bid you adieux
with these two films about rabbits.
The first one is short and very silly
and with make you full of mirth.
The second one is beyond perfect
and I love it the most
and it will make your head explode.
Happy bunny-time!

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