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by angeliska on November 3, 2004

My grandfather and I are taking another trip
this November- this time to New York and Chicago.
I’d like to frolic with any of you in those cities,
and if anyone has advice for things of interest
I must not miss, please do bring it to my attention!
Also, any reccomendations for reasonable hotels
downtown that are in nice, cozy neighborhoods
rather than in midtown (where we currently have
reservations, blast!) We need elevators and bookstores.

Here are the dates:
NYC – November 11th – 24th
Chicago –  November 24th – 30th

Oh, and- here’s something very exciting:


If you find yourself in New Orleans this week,
please attend the Oak St. Z’otz Grand Opening-
It looks amazing, and there will be so much
fantastic music and delicious treatses..
Pandory and I will be sitting in with Mister Ratty Scurvics
and his Invisible Gambling Jews for a song or two, hip-hip!

Also, come see the Tigerlillies play on Saturday-
 mlle.   will be trapezing it up before the show..

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