by angeliska on November 8, 2008

Oh lordy. ¡Disko De Los Muertos!
nearly done skinned me and hung me up to dry-
such an amazing, insane, magical night.
The costumes were truly incredible,
(as you can see below- a few of my favorites)
there were some mind-blowing performances
and best of all- everyone there was so damn happy!
This has become a noticeably common trait
since the inception of GADJO DISKO-
giant grins on every face, general sense of goodwill,
and a total lack of pretension or snobbery.
Just gorgeous, crazy people gettin’ down
sweaty-laughing dance-floor style.
Which, in my opinion- is one of the most
important things you can do in life:
GET DOWN! Shake a tailfeather,
you know it will do you good.
If I can assist people in that endeavor,
then I feel completely satisfied.
In fact, my horoscope from Rob Brezsny’s
Free Will Astrology
was surprisingly apt:
“You have the potential to throw the best party ever,
and also to elevate the radiance of other people’s parties
through the force of your personality. Your social instincts are superb,
by which I mean they’re brilliant when it comes to mixing business
and pleasure and knowing how to strengthen alliances
while invoking maximum fun. Your knack for getting people
to work together in a noble purpose is at a peak.
Halloween costume suggestion: a cross between
a party animal and a community organizer.
Or you and your friends could re-enact the Boston Tea Party.”

Laurel Lali as Tippi Hedren from The Birds


Hermie Marionetta

Miguel, best bearded bride ever!

I love this. A lot.

Frannie as Dolly




Fabulous indeed. It was easy to lure me here!

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