Russet + Bone

by angeliska on November 28, 2008

Finally it’s beginning to feel like Fall-
though short-lived as it is, the leaves
everywhere are golden, flame-colored,
russet and scarlet. Perhaps not as
dramatically so as in other places,
but I for one am pleased.
I would really rather the leaves stay
just as they are through the winter,
however. I am not prepared for the
starkness of denuded trees with their
shivering bare branches. I must file
an official document or two with the
Internal Seasonal Offices, remind me.

I’ve discovered the wonderful photography of Denise Grünstein
recently, (thank you Mlle. Verhext!)
and must say it cheers me to no end to see
pumpkins and gourds used as haute couture accessories..

(this photo also by Denise Grünstein)
Speaking of cheering…
How wonderful is this?
I am trying to feel at one with autumn,
something that normally comes utterly
naturally- but the air is balmy rather
than crisp, and it still hasn’t rained.

If you haven’t already, go go go see
Let the Right One In
it is such a fantastic film, absolutely one of
the very best of this year..

“I’d say you were within your rights to bite
the right one and say, ‘What kept you so long?'”

-Let The Right One Slip In -Morrissey

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and I hope that you did too),
first with family, and then with my Uncommon Objects family..
All was cozy and convivial- lots of delicious food and conversation!
I am very thankful and lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely people,
family and friends. I feel incredibly blessed with the richness of their companionship.

Steve Wiman is my friend and employer,
and is an incredible artist and collector of the most marvelous treasures..
His string-ball collection is astounding, and very regal!

I took some pictures of the magical vignettes around Steve and Emily’s home,
to give you an idea of the wonderful environment that they have created..

Everywhere you look, there is something that makes your heart twinkle.

The caption written on this found photograph says,

My sentiments exactly!

Sophie Ruth outdid herself- making roasted turkey, peach-glazed ham,
jalapeño cheese grits, sweet and mashed potatoes, macaroni + cheese..
Oh lordy- and the pies! Apple, cherry, mincemeat, pumpkin-
as well as pumpkin cheescake and pumpkin bread pudding..

After the traditional hat-walk (a digestive stroll where everyone
dons a fancy chapeau)
we settled down to play games-
namely a marathon round of Trains, my favorite.

Also, here is a sneak peek at our new temporary home!
Yes, we intend to become space-age trailer trash-
though the Royal Spartanette is the classiest of mobile homes!
Here’s some more pictures, from the listing
where we found it- Colin drove all the way up
to Indiana to fetch it! It’s 35 feet long, built in 1951-
everything in it is original, in great condition.
We plan on moving into it very soon,
as we begin the hardcore renovation work
on our house- so more pictures of it to come
as we make it sehr gemütlich!


Wow, once again!
I checked out your link to Uncommon Objects- very cool shop.
As a follower of your blog I often wondered how your home renovations were coming along. It’s been 25 years that my very own 3rd floor remains gutted and waiting to be finished and lived in…sigh.
We took lots of before photos on our house which was listed as condemned by the city. Just remember- you can never have too many before photos!

by Sue on November 28, 2008 at 8:26 pm. Reply #

This is beautiful, all of it: the string-ball collection, the photography…everything. Let the Right One in was marvelous, a truly beautiful movie. As for the seasons, sometimes, when the trees are bare their branches look like black lace. Then when it snows and the tree branches are dusted with the powder, their two-toned appearance almost makes them look like they’re formed of glass. I agree with you, though, there is something quite lonely about them. If only we could bottle the seasons and enter them at will, although I suppose that they might seem less special that way.

by Alissa Barvin on November 29, 2008 at 10:21 am. Reply #

thank you so much for introducing yourself! your photos are all so lovely and I’ve had the best time looking through them!
I found myself in Uncommon Objects last winter and I didn’t want to leave – that store is comprised mostly of magic and sweetness! I was fortunate enough to take a few things home with me, including this guy: and I can’t wait to go back!!
I hope you’re well and warm! I too miss the days of sundresses and lazy afternoons spent outside instead of hiding under quilts – but soon enough!!! (I hope!)

by the snail and the cyclops on December 1, 2008 at 8:47 pm. Reply #

you know, actually – the more I think about it… I think we actually did meet when I was in your store! I could be wrong and/or coming off as a total creepster, but you look so familiar and I think you complimented me on my shoes! You were just the sweetest with helping me manage all the things I was buying that day! It was so long ago and I’m sure you meet a zillion tourists each month – but, if it was you then I’m glad to be able to put a real life face to such a wonderful blog!

by the snail and the cyclops on December 1, 2008 at 8:54 pm. Reply #

I just adore the colour pallette on this post. The perfect pictures to reflect this cozy season. Your world is beautiful.
Good luck with your gypsy caravan!

by Il Magnifico on December 4, 2008 at 4:00 am. Reply #

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