whelping day o' wonders

by angeliska on January 14, 2004

It took a few days to recover
from such an exceedingly marvelous party,
such an absurd excess of treats and tricksiness..
Now the house is quiet and empty
but for a few little sleepyheads,
strewn with streamers and bits
of brightly coloured confetti,
champagne poppers and south african golden coins filled with chocolate..
I was woken to a sumptuous breakfast in bed
and showered with unimaginable gifts from me beloveds.
Did I just write that?
The next time I’m in a dreary mood, I need to remember to refer back to this-
to remind myself how goddamn lucky I am. But really.
Birthdays so perfect are only meant to happen to
the little girls in fluffy dresses in films with horses in them.
Isn’t that so?
I suppose not.
Anyhow, yes, positively showered with sweetness by the all the lovelies present-
and my heart is officially a melted pool of plum ice cream.
With those little candy metal pearls on top.
My land is full of delights- Saint Dymphna in her bloody cradle
with stargazer lilies and green roses and chrysanthemums..
Seahorses with petals for wings and rhinestone eyes.
Here’s some visual documentation as evidence:
title or description
The candy skull cake had black sugar eyes.
title or description
Freiherr von der Goltz presented me with this charming book,
which is apparently about warmongering pigeons.
title or description
This is the liminal lemon, otherwise known as “Cthulu Citrus from The Depths”.
I don’t know what it is exactly. It was on my breakfast tray,
and smelled lemony but looked like a squid.
We played with it until a tentacle broke off
and then it started to mold and decompose at a rapid pace.
title or description
These are my leetle dears. They need new names..
My employers calls all of his “Lyle and Erik”,
I think after those rich parricides. They eat baby bees only.
I may perish from all the cuteness.
title or description
Oh lord. Just go ahead and shoot me now so I can die happy like this.
It’s been a rough and strange year- but if this is
any indication of the time to come, then I have a notion
that it will be something to behold indeed..
A multitude of thanks and tendernesses to all
who made my heyday so ridiculously great.

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