Magic Windows #8

by angeliska on December 23, 2009

Magic Windows are portals into the strange and beautiful
world I inhabit, and the marvelous people, places and things
come across in my day to day – all captured with the aid
of my handy magic celephone (it’s an iPhone).
I often take pictures of things I see while
I’m at work at Uncommon Objects, an emporium of
wondrous and rare treasures. If you see something
here that you covet, there’s a fair chance that it might
be available for sale – just drop me a line or ring the shop.
The Magic Windows series originated as an attempt
to capture the ephemeral objects and fleeting moments
I experience, and share them here on a weekly basis.
Stay posted for the next one, won’t you?

Savage Lipstick, baby. Wicked red. Isn’t this just the best? J’adore.

Oh pink cupcake of death, your edible glitter was so alluring,
and yet – you were not so tasty! I could only eat half, and to my
way of thinking, there’s not much sadder than a half eaten cupcake.
A cupcake should be something you gobble up, and then immediately
start wishing for another. The cupcake glut has left us awash in inferior
specimens – but I ask you, how the hell do you screw up a cupcake?
It’s not that complicated, so when you have a bad one, it really
seems like a travesty. I’d rather have pie, honestly. Thoughts?

This beautiful embroidery on sheer lace panels made us think
of Miss Dawn from Boudoir Queen – expect to see it transformed into
a gown or fantastic bit of frippery soon, unless of course it’s gracing
the walls or windows of her legendary boudoir, eh? Ooh-la-la!

Pink stars + glad tidings to you, kittens.

Merrie, merrie! Yet another year that I for the most part totally neglect
to send out any sort of holiday cards – though I do have some now!
Ah, next year! I am really endeavoring to not neglect my correspondence
in the coming turning. Stamps, sealing wax, stationary ahoy!
I love letters, and all the accompanying accoutrements,
and I love receiving mail more than almost anything.
I was instructed in my youth that if I wanted to get mail,
I’d have to send some, and that is very true advice indeed.

What a pretty and demure (though very stained!) little belle.
I’d like to see the Gibson Girl hairstyle come back into vogue sometime.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this Victorian blouse
covered in laceworked swastikas. I knew at once that it had
to be mine! Here it hangs in my studio, where the sun is
probably going to dry-rot it – but it looks so lovely in silhouette!

In the 1900’s (and for about 3000 years before that)
the swastika was good luck symbol used all over the world.
It’s sad and strange to me to think of how symbols and sigils
can hold so much power, and how they can be perverted
and changed to mean something quite opposite.
A lot of my recent work concerns transitive meanings,
and this delicate blouse is a good reminder of that.
By the by, my lineage and personal political views
are about as distasteful to the Third Reich as a soul
could get. Had I lived during the Holocaust, my jacket
would be covered in so many various star and triangle
patches they would have run out of room. Very glad
I live in the time I do. There are some interesting articles
about the swastika symbol out there: Wikipedia’s of
course is very thorough
, and Lucky Mojo has some
great images of Victorian postcards and beadwork.
One time we had an old bottle of Swastika brand
whiskey in the store. It attracted a lot of questions,
until one day someone ripped the label off.

Grrizelda chewed my bra in half. Who could be mad at
that face for long, though? I think she did it intentionally,
as if to say, “Dang, mama! Your draws are pitiful!
Man oh man, do you need some new lingerie!”

My underthings are in a sad state of affairs.
Obviously, I’d love to have nothing but Agent Provocateur
and Kiki de Montparnasse, or especially the delicious
frippery from Hopeless Hotel, oh wouldn’t I just?
My drawers-drawer needs a makeover, people.
Send me frilly things, toute-suite! For real.
I was raised by my dad, and am not a busty lady
so I never went bra shopping until I was an adult.
I can actually still fit in my first bra ever!
I still have it! Crazy. I think I need some sort of
intervention. Is there an underwear makeover
show out there for me? Oh dear, I bet there is.


Well then, Busty McChesterson, I suggest you check out the blog over at Petite Coquette: ; they spotlight so much lace and ruffles and frippery…you’d be hard pressed not to find a lead on something you like!
I am fervently hoping for a return of the Gibson girl do, myself. I think I could totally rock that look.

by Ghoul Next Door on December 23, 2009 at 5:52 am. Reply #

Dearest Angel! I have the answer to your boobie prayers! You must go, toute suite!, to Petticoat Fair near ye olde Northcross! They have AMAZING bras and you sign in on a sign-in sheet and then one lady really, truly, measures your body and, lo and behold, LISTENS to what you want and brings you piles of beautiful bras and pantaloons! And, if you buy 5 a year, you get one free. For example, I said, I like lacy things with underwires that are fun colors and patterns, and that is what I got. (I sound like an ad)…This is how my lingerie addiction was born, because now I know what size I actually am, so I can go all over the place and buy bras that make my ta-tas look perfect…and I will go with you when I get back from the snow-covered island!!!

by Patience on December 23, 2009 at 3:16 pm. Reply #

I love love your magic windows!!! Now I only would like to wish You and your loved one´s a truly magic and wonderful Christmas!!! Merry Christmas :-)) From Sweden!!

by cecilia pawlowski on December 24, 2009 at 4:01 am. Reply #

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