Magic Windows #7

by angeliska on December 11, 2009

It’s high time for a Magic Windows update, wouldn’t you say?
As always, all photos were taken with my magic telephone
camera (which explains the not-so-hot quality, eh?) It sure
is handy, though! All the photos were taken at Uncommon
, and many of the items pictured are available for purchase.
Except, of course, the items that I am rabidly coveting –
unless you happen to want to surprise me! Hee.
Speaking of surprise gifts, I got two of the best ones
the other day – I love coming into work and discovering
unexpected treats from friends. Very happymaking!

Especially when the first one was this disembodied, burnt
human hand delivered to me in a fancy marshmallow box!
Just what I always wanted! No, really – it’s true. I’m thinking
this guy was part of a medical model, judging from the
articulating spring and wires and such. Lots of those floating
around New Orleans, from whence this one came – hand
delivered by flame-haired courier, a gift from the illustrious
and beautiful Miss Nina Carolina! What a sweetheart!

Right after that, another wee giftie was delivered!
Yes, it’s a keychain from Dollywood with my name on it,
so killer. I adore Dolly Parton extremely, and one of
my lifelong dreams is to get to Dollywood sometime real soon.
My friend LuCretia went there, and how cool is she for
remembering me? I jumped up and down and squealed
and did a happy dance. If you’re in Austin, go check out
LuCretia’s bad-ass vintage store Room Service on North Loop!

Let the lustful coveting commence with this latest addition
to the very top of my good-girl wishlist: a big black rooster!
We’ve been making lots of naughty jokes about this guy,
which I won’t repeat here – in the interest of good taste, ha!

I’ve been obsessing over this folk carved shelf for a long time.
Of course, the picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice,
but you can make out the deer and the squirrels –
and at the top? Angels with trumpets. Yeah, that’s right.
This thing really needs to be mine. It’s so perfect.

I collect paraphernalia from the Order of the Eastern Star,
and I’d have to say that this giant lit up sign is the crown jewel
of any Eastern Star collection I’ve ever come across.
It’s hand-painted with flowers and arcane symbols,
and it kind of needs to live in my parlour. One day!

These guys are just creepy. I don’t want them at all, but I can’t
stop looking at them. Clowns really are disturbing (I know lots
of them, so I can say this from first-hand experience) and that
chubble head is just hilarious. Hilariously creepy! Yay.

I love these wonderful string stars. There’s quite a few of them
in the shop right now. I just went to see The Road (so amazing,
and brutal), and something about this man’s face reminds me
of an amalgam of some of the faces in that film. I loved the book,
and I thought they did a fantastic job converting in into film.

Look at this little lady, with her dirty, dour face. I love her
pensive, almost mischievous expression. How’d you get
so filthy, little boudoir doll? Somehow, I must resist her!

The eye imagery on Oddfellows gear always gets me.
Eyes, the heart in the hand, and the beehive are really
powerful symbols for me. The linked chain is great too,
symbolizing the FLT of friendship, love and truth.
This embroidery popping out against black velvet is
so strong. This tunic will be on a plane to Tokyo
soon enough, no doubt – the Japanese vintage buyers
always snap these up lickety-split. They make great
winter coats, if you wear them backwards, I find.
What are you coveting right now?
Have you been good this year?
I certainly hope so!


i hope you get your big black cock for christmas hee hee.
delightful as always.

by suzie on December 11, 2009 at 1:24 am. Reply #

Thanks for posting. I miss working in my friend’s antique shop because of treasures like these. I had such an amazing collection of Eastern Star stuff..a shot glass, cigarette tray, tea cup and cosmetic compact..sadly I gave them away to a friend when I had to move. What an amazing light!

by B on December 11, 2009 at 4:38 pm. Reply #

I’ve been good. Ish.
I’m coveting these fantastic boots I’ve found, a Russian folk dress and a large octopus art piece in my bathroom.

by Bean on December 11, 2009 at 11:13 pm. Reply #

i saw the little boudoir head today and touched her braids. so pretty. sorry i could not say so-long….had to run.
i saw some items today i thought of putting on a wish list.
a lovely white/lavender hand tooled moroccan purse from tesoro’s, and columbian gold bracelet to match some earrings john got me for a birthday. those are some things i am longing for.

by J.a.g. on December 12, 2009 at 1:55 am. Reply #

Hey Angel,
Thanks for letting me borrow your beloved burnt hand. It really is an amazing treasure. I’d really like to borrow the skull for the shoot as well. Any chance you can bring it to work tomorrow? If not, I’m happy to come grab it whenever is convenient for you. Thanks. Caleb

by caleb on December 14, 2009 at 9:32 pm. Reply #

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