Indigo Honey

by angeliska on December 16, 2009

(Photo by Jane Aldridge)
I adore this image captured in Coco Chanel’s gorgeously appointed
apartment in Paris. What a dream come true, to explore her domain!
I dreamt the other night that a was drinking Chanel No. 5
out of a big teacup. In my dreams, I have
a golden indigo lacquered screen like that!.
(p.s. I just noticed that the formatting on the
following photos is wonked, but if you click
on the title or comments, you can see them
nice and big and not all squashed, okay?)

Ghosts of Shopping Past
(Photograph by Brian Ulrich)
Driving down the highway recently, we were having
a conversation about the death of the shopping mall,
about our early memories of seeing the first outdated
dinosaurs succumb to desolation, and now the mega-
malls go too. Fluorescent lit juggernauts of excess,
crumbling into disrepair, wishing wells moldering,
atriums and kiosks all abandoned. It’s interesting.
Remember this? I can’t say I’ll be missing the
food court, or the shops – I honestly haven’t really
been in a mall in years, save emergency in-outs
to the Apple store that end in me being hustled out
of Sephora by my fella, who hates being in malls
even more than me. Way more, actually.
So what will become of these hulking behemoths?
Disintegration or re-purposing? It’s hard to say.
(This and the following photograph, both by Palani Mohan)
Mr. Saturnic is always a great source of
incredible photography spreads, I was
swooning over Palani Mohan’s
Vivid – Colours of Asia series he posted over there.
Out of them all, she is my favorite.
I wish I could hop inside the frame,
and be her friend. I would already
speak Tibetan, and be perfectly
acclimated to thin air, and dressed
warmly. Out to milk the mountain
goats and welcome home the
honey hunters! One day.

✷ Stoat uses hypnotic weasel war dance.
Making Ferrofluids work for you!
Jewelled butterflies and cephalopods
from John Coulthart’s Feuilleton
Coilhouse Issue 04 is coming out soon –
I cannot wait! In the meantime though,
check out all the intriguing small businesses
that have taken out ads
(especially excellent
if you are still hunting for last minute treats
like I am…) there’s a lot there to pique + delight.
✷ One last thing from the lovely
Joanna Ebenstein at Morbid Anatomy
My New Favorite Magazine : Lapham’s Quarterly
I must get my paws on a copy, soonly!


Well, I’ll be! Those octopi brooches are fabulous – thanks for sharing the link!
(I am afraid I will sound like Grandma Moses if I chime in with my thoughts on malls; suffice it to say that the conversation would be peppered with several exclamations of “those damn kids!”)

by ghoulnextdoor on December 16, 2009 at 7:18 am. Reply #

i was just wondering the other day how many people actually still go to the mall. i haven’t been in ages (unless you count the 2 or 3 trips to the at&t phone store—which, by the by, i have to make a trek to soonly as the other night i accidentally washed and tumbled dry the mister’s phone. phooey.)
who goes there? what do they buy? how can people faithfully hand over their hard earned monies to faceless corporate franchises for junk made overseas? and how can they do it when there are such lovely things to swoon over locally and on the interwebs? how???!
♥ ♥ ♥
much love to you, dear pixie!

by katinka on December 16, 2009 at 10:18 am. Reply #

I occasionally made small surgical strikes to Foley’s (now Macy’s) when my mother was alive to buy her favorite perfume for gifts, but haven’t been back to the mall in the five years she has been gone. Lovely desolate photos, though. I adore abandoned buildings and sometimes wish they could talk.

by Lin on December 16, 2009 at 11:31 am. Reply #

I must learn that Stoat dance! Oh the applications!

by Gabriel on December 16, 2009 at 11:39 am. Reply #

I am in the unfortunate position of working at a mall right now (thanks, economy!) and every fiber of my being rebels against being there. It’s very motivating towards me getting my master’s degree. But really, I can’t believe how many people go to the mall and only the mall for shopping, not to mention recreation. I’m lucky to work for a local, Vermont-based business, but my own feeling is that under normal circumstances, the mall could blow up and it would not affect my life. Though more and more people are interested in buying local, malls are still convenient for mass consumption. Those pictures are amazing!

by Annie Dangerpaws on December 16, 2009 at 3:00 pm. Reply #

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