by angeliska on June 20, 2012

Another solstice snuck up behind me on soft little feet, all laughing and tinkling bells and teasing rain. For the last two days, storms have come and gone, and dropped nary a thimbleful on my garden. We had one of (…)

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Lucky Stars and Garters

by angeliska on December 31, 2006

At the turning of the year, when so much has changed- my life so transformed, so altered by tumult and blessing simultaneously- I am galvanized by it, and yet with scant few moments of respite in which to reflect or (…)

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Equinox Song

by angeliska on September 23, 2006

Welcome to Fall, all! I do believe that the onset of autumn a much more giddily anticipated event down here in the South than elsewhere- incipient cool-fronts keenly felt, a brisk nip in the air and our ears perk, noses (…)

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