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Magic Windows #21

by angeliska on January 24, 2011

The ring! Colin picked it out himself, (with input from Tamera!) I love it so much. It’s Victorian – imperial jade and rose gold, all hand-fabricated with delicately-chased swirling elements that resemble twining leaves or the tails of frolicking sea-creatures. (…)

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New Orleans Hallowe'en

by angeliska on November 18, 2010

Before too much time escapes through my glass, I must give you a little peepshow into the depraved and delightful scene that was our New Orleans Hallowe’en. It was actually a shockingly mellow night, aside from the total shitshow that (…)

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Magic Windows #18

by angeliska on October 18, 2010

A perfect lady. White hair and red roses please me more than I can say. This is a real thing that exists somewhere, this rabbit. He’s almost four feet tall. Can you handle it? Real rabbit fur, and composition. I (…)

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Tranarchy + Pearls Over Shanghai

by angeliska on October 2, 2010

Our latest party is nigh… TRANARCHY! October 2nd – 10pm until.. ? at The ND (The Independent) 501 Brushy & East 5th A night of dancing and performances from drag kings, queens and everything in between! featuring performances by: Kings (…)

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Bastille Day at Justine's

by angeliska on July 19, 2010

The other night, we gathered for an evening of unabashed celebration to honor le Quatorze Juillet! Bastille Day is infinitely more fun than the 4th of July, especially when the party is at Justine’s – our favorite French brasserie located (…)

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Blue Gold Red

by angeliska on July 9, 2010

I don’t know about you, but sometimes in the midst of these strange and shifting times I have to shift my focus away from the horrors and tragedies of this world and cheer myself up with a little frivolity and (…)

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Just Like a White Winged Dove

by angeliska on May 27, 2010

Okay, so even though it’s a little bit late, I want to wish a happy belated birthday to Stevie Nicks. I’m a latecomer to the enchantments of the Welsh Witch, as my parents were definitely not into soft rock of (…)

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Pearblossom Honey

by angeliska on March 31, 2010

♥ I can’t get over these pearblossoms. Giant fluffy snowball trees exploding all over town. I wish they had a nicer scent – our smells kind of awful, but aren’t they heart-stoppingly lovely? I hope we’ll have pears this year, (…)

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by angeliska on January 29, 2010

The Last Gadjo Disko! It’s true, darlings- Saturday, February 6th at La Zona Rosa 612 West 4th St. 10pm-4am 18+ $7 – $15 Dress to transgress! With performances from: Comintern Wino Vino Franziska Sick and DJ Chicken Kiev spinning 100% (…)

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Stargazer Honey

by angeliska on January 3, 2010

Our New Year’s Eve was truly magical. Despite a rocky start fraught with Mercury’s meddlings, we managed to create a really solid camp and the coziest tipi yet! In a pinch, duct tape, scavenged rope and a random dental tool (…)

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