New Orleans Hallowe'en

by angeliska on November 18, 2010

Before too much time escapes through my glass, I must give you
a little peepshow into the depraved and delightful scene that was
our New Orleans Hallowe’en. It was actually a shockingly mellow
night, aside from the total shitshow that was Frenchmen Street,
where hordes of rat-like zombies swarmed around canisters
of nitrous, falling over in the street clutching their balloons.
We split quick to avoid having a crowd-induced heart attack
and escape all the slurring dudes asking “So, what are you
supposed to be?”
which is my least favorite question ever.
Figure it out, fool! I get sad when people refuse to use their
eyeparts and their brainparts, and instead want to have every
single thing immediately explained to them. I find it to be a
really bizarre reaction. When I encounter something new,
different or interesting, I tend to take a little time to check it out,
explore, and come to my own conclusions before I start asking
a bunch of questions. It’s not just about this particular series of
instances – it’s something I notice often. Maybe it’s the immediacy
of information, whatwith google and all? People seem to have
lost their interest in the hunt, in the journey. Do you find that to be so?
Anyway – Halloween! It was a very chill, family-style night on St. Claude
Avenue, sort of aimlessly hobnobbing with old pals who of course had
the best costumes anyway. In retrospect, perhaps we ought to have
headed deeper into the Quarter or wandered further afield, but my
headdress was heavy, and it was nice just to be surrounded by people
I love and hadn’t seen for far too long. What did you do for Hallowe’en?
Pandora as Icarus, golden boy, cinder-scarred and eschar pink.
Colin Monster
Colin made this incredible mask in a few hours, using random stuff
he grabbed from the hardware store. Yes, he is a terrifying genius!
Colin Monster
Aluminum sheet, bristle-brushes, round vents and yaki pony came together
to form this seriously brutal bionic dinosaur predator creature. So bad-ass!
Buffalo Ghost Warrior Woman
At some point over the last year, I had this vision of a Buffalo Ghost
Warrior Woman, and I wanted to make her real. There’s a little Japanese
kabuki, and Mononoke thrown in there for good measure, and though I
never thought to get a picture of it, there was a carved mask with the face
of an old man on the back of my foxfur headdress. Two-face. Oni. Demon
who steals scalps and eyes. The ghost who defends the memory of thousands
of slaughtered buffalo, left to rot on the prairie. She who avenges the native
people pushed off their land, killed like dogs in the dirt. All that, and sassy
fringe boots. I made the wig that day, and it was alarmingly weighty and warm!
Buffalo Ghost Warrior Woman
I found the most perfect vintage buckskin dress ever, which fit me perfectly,
and feels amazing to wear. It’s the kind of garment that makes one think
seriously about wearing nothing but buckskin always and forever. If only!
I loved these guys the most. They were so impeccable with their perfect
faces, and perfect church-lady hats. Creepster twins, who are you?
Delaney Flytrap
Delaney Flytrap! How perfect is she? Very.
Yeah, so meat as clothing is so done and whatever, but hello!
It takes balls, man. This kid looked great. It was a good look for him, right?
Corinne Patrice Loperfido + her perfect boob(s)
Corinne Patrice Loperfido + her perfect boob(s) suit!
Miss O. - Mantis QueenMiss O. – Mantis Queen
Nina Carolina
Nina Carolina!
Miss Calamity
Gummi Medusa
Gummi Medusa
Jean Wilson - Black Crow
Jean Wilson – Black Crow
Miss Angie - Prances With Coyotes
Miss Angie – Prances With Coyotes
Critter bite at the end of the night!
Full set of Hallowe’en photographic depravity right here:
New Orleans Hallowe’en 2010


simply amazing and you are as divine and magical as one person can possibly be!!!! x
luv miss suzie.

by suzanne meow meow on November 18, 2010 at 5:22 am. Reply #

and lest i forget you are the only other person besides myself to spell Hallowe’en correctly.

by suzanne meow meow on November 18, 2010 at 5:25 am. Reply #

that dress, that dress. you look !*(^*!&^!&&!!! beyond worlds.

by verhext on November 18, 2010 at 5:32 pm. Reply #

Aww, lady. Wish I coulda been there! I hope we’ll gambol in fancy dress before long.

by April Violet on November 18, 2010 at 8:08 pm. Reply #

you guys don’t mess around. amazing.

by jenene on November 19, 2010 at 8:07 am. Reply #

ACK! The meat man is terrifying! But the mammary madame is terrific!
And of course your ensemble gives me chills. Staggering.

by mlle ghoul on November 19, 2010 at 10:29 pm. Reply #

i do love my amber after all, but i wish i could go back for everything else! Like those delicious chocolates!

by dana kitten on November 29, 2010 at 8:36 pm. Reply #

oh those costumes look fantasticaly frightening! i looove colins mask. He is a genious!

by dana kitten on November 29, 2010 at 8:37 pm. Reply #

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