Winter Wonderland Feast + Fairytale Fête

by angeliska on January 4, 2011

My whelping day once more approaches! A celebration is being
prepared! Grackle Grove is being scrubbed and groomed, and
much bustling and to-do is occurring to make way for the festivities!
This year, the theme was inspired by Paco Peregrin’s milk-white maidens:

It is to be a Winter Wonderland Feast, by way of the Balkans and
the Black Forest, to be sure – and then taking last year’s neglected
Trans-Siberian Express maybe up near Finland. I’m thinking Saami
princesses, a forest of white dresses, silver dowry coins and cuffs,
and an excess of wimples and other elaborate headdresses. If this
is too much for you, just wear all (or mostly white), and pile on the
tatty furs and buffalo robes, but it will probably be rather chilly!
Snowflake-dappled red apple cheeks, and frozen eyelashes.
Shivering towers of crystal and ice, antler and pelt, snow glitter!
Animistic fashions are always welcome, as are Mongol hordes.
These ladies are excellent inspirations:
Frozen Maidens in Folkloric Fantasyland

I missed out on having my birthday party at home last year, due to
inclemently cold weather, and and general sense of being overwhelmed.
Hostessing a party in a half-gutted house in the middle of winter is no
minor task, and considering that our abode currently looks like a bad
episode of hoarders, I definitely have my work cut out for me! I love a
real birthday party though, and nothing else ever seems to be quite as
much fun for me, so it’s worth the frantic hustle and bustle. I like creating
an environment wholly devoted to one purpose: celebrating and reveling
in fantasy, my magical life, and my wonderful friends! Also, going to restaurants
with a large group is always slightly awkward. I prefer to just have a massive
potluck, because it’s much cozier and loads more fun! Also: awesome leftovers!
We’re entreating guests to bring their favorite wintertime dish, treat or beverage –
Recipes from cold countries, cozy-making comfort-food and
copious arrays of exotic boozes + champagnes are always
sure to please, isn’t it so? Bring a musical instrument if you play,
or a performance of some kind, if you feel moved to.
There will be bonfires, cozy sherpa-tent lounging and hot Glögg.
I’m hoping for reindeer dancers, snow queens and Mr. Tumnus!

Inspiration for boy guests:

In fact, all male guests must dress like this. It is by my decree.
Look at this debutante party that went down recently in New Orleans:
Snow White-themed bash was a deb party for the ages
Why am I not absurdly wealthy so I can make parties as extravagant as that?
Feh! I will make do with pennies and twigs! Wish I could’ve crashed it, though…
Past birthdees:
Trans-Siberian Birthday Wishes
Birthdee Glee
Black Forest Fashion
Black Forest Wishes
Black Forest Birthday!
Balkan Birthday!


Reminds me of the scene in “Legend” where they stop the time and snow invades the little cottage <3
Wonderful !
x x x

by mathyld ▲ pyramids on January 4, 2011 at 4:17 am. Reply #

These photos are out of hand! I want to come to Angel-birthdays! Hopefully a parcel will be on it’s way sooooonnn!

by verhext on January 4, 2011 at 10:48 am. Reply #

We had a dramatic reading of that very same Nell Nolan column this past weekend. Thought it was in bad taste and a bit creepy. The hired dwarves were a little overly Cecil B DeMille. Or maybe I’m just jealous : )

by Lanternamagica on January 5, 2011 at 11:24 pm. Reply #

Have you read Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter? Where the train breaks down in Siberia?

by Sophie on January 6, 2011 at 1:40 pm. Reply #

Oh, la! 3 days later and I am still thinking about your mention of that high society soiree…don’t know exactly *what* I am thinking, but the brain, she’s a churnin.
Is it out of line to suggest that however you celebrate it will that much more special because your blood, sweat, and tears go into it…as opposed to your parent’s money? And I do not mean to sound snippy, or catty, or mean; I do hope the young woman had a grand turning out…but I cannot help to think that pennies and twigs and twine and magpie gatherings and vagabond conjurings and beloved friends make things more…interesting. And absolutely more personal.
The very best to you on your special day – it will be as magical as only you can make it.

by mlle ghoul on January 7, 2011 at 5:18 pm. Reply #

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