Jadeite Chrysalis Honey

by angeliska on August 4, 2010

(Photo by Paul Beard)
Amazing photos of the privately owned Natural History
Cabinet of Alfred Russel Wallace, 19th Century

(via Morbid Anatomy)
✸ Holy cats, check out The Frantic Expressionist Art of Josef Fenneker,
a new post from my dear Mlle. S. Elizabeth (aka. Ghoul Next Door) she’s
been writing some exemplary blog posts for Coilhouse. I can always count
on her to turn me on to new and inspiring art and music! Cheers, sweet lady!
Oh man, and now I absolutely must see The Tragedy of Belladonna! Amazement.

Femme avec des fleurs by Romaine Brooks
Portraits from a Romanian Women’s Prison
(via Marina Galperina at ANIMAL New York)
✸ I’ve been hearing a lot about China Miéville’s new book,
“Kraken”, from the enthusiastic tweets of writer Maria
Dahvana Headley
and now I’m really itching to read it.
So far, I’ve only read King Rat and Perdido Street Station,
and enjoyed both immensely. The New York Times Book
Review article, Making Squid the Meat of a Story
makes it sound pretty damn tantalizing:
“‘Kraken’ fairly throbs with the fantastical: a squid-worshiping cult,
oppressed magical animals on picket lines, a very bad man who
is actually a tattoo on someone’s back, and a sorcerer who folds
people up like origami and puts them into tiny boxes for easier transport.”

“’The book is intended to be kind of a romp,’ Mr. Miéville said.
‘What happens if two apocalypses are scheduled to happen
at the same time? How cosmologically embarrassing!'”

luna moth
(Photo by myriorama, on Flickr)
✸ You can download a new School of Seven Bells song
over at RCRDLBL right now
, and listen to tracks from their
new album. I like them. They are absurdly pretty sisters, an
an also absurdly pretty boy, and they make floaty music
This is how they got their name, which makes me like them even more:
“While watching PBS at 3am, Alejandra caught a show about
the School of Seven Bells: a mythical South American pickpocket
academy that may or may not have existed in the ‘80s. The idea of
seven minds working as one appealed to her, as did the phrase’s
cryptic musicality, and a creative spark ignited.”

✸ This article from the literary journal Brick is totally fascinating:
The Lizard, the Catacombs, and the Clock:
The Story of Paris’s Most Secret Underground Society

by Sean Michaels (of killer music blog Said the Gramophone)
There’s a few more bits on the secret catacomb theatre here:
In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema
and here:
Places: The Parisian Catacombs — Paris, France
✸ Also brings to mind this mysterious place:
Margate Shell Grotto – replete with mystical designs, all in glued shells
(Photo by Working Rex, on Flickr)
The Reclusive Artitst: Joseph Cornell and Fernando Pessoa
from the great art blog Escape Into Life
(via A Journey Around My Skull)
A shocking map of libraries being dismantled across the US – so, so sad.
(via Miss Emma)
✸ I want to live here: In a Crumbling Estate, Creativity and History Meet
(via Odette O.)

(Source unknown, alas – I think it’s a Russian body-artist’s work, perhaps?)
It’s possible I’ve posted this image at some point before, but it’s one of my
favorites. I want this to be my desk. I want to be jade green, cool and mossy.


I had forgotten about the new Miéville! A like minded lover of literature mentioned it to me last year and I plum forgot. Although Perdido Street Station was the first of his books I had read, I enjoyed The Scar even more…I highly recommend it. (Does a recommendation even count if you remember that you quite liked it but you can’t remember a single thing about it? Hm…)
P.S. I believe the photgrapher is Vera von Lehndorff Holger Trülzscha.

by mlle ghoul on August 4, 2010 at 4:42 am. Reply #

Whoops, I meant to give a link for more of her work…the page is in polish but I think you can translate it through ol’ google :
And PS again…
thank you for the lovely mention. You are too kind.

by mlle ghoul on August 4, 2010 at 4:44 am. Reply #

Thank you so much for mentioning the libraries! We need all the support we can get. ♥

by Emma on August 4, 2010 at 10:20 am. Reply #

That chrysalis appears dotted with gold. I want to see one up close. The plural form of chrysalis is chrysalides. I like it.
Oh, to live in a crumbling manse. Have you read this article about freegans who made a home in a mansion? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/06/magazine/06Squatters-t.html?_r=1&ref=squatters

by April Violet on August 8, 2010 at 10:46 am. Reply #

oh i got the new kraken as a perfectly perfect surprise present from my young man! it is eeeexcellent. The scar and iron council are also decadent and delightful. Oh, and stories for jake also has some gems!

by rachel on August 8, 2010 at 1:56 pm. Reply #

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