Magic Windows #12

by angeliska on April 20, 2010

Hooray, it’s Magic Windows time! It’s been the most
gorgeous, luscious spring here – the last few days
have been stormy and sullen (in a really enticing
way!) Normally, I’m not a fan of gray and gloomy
weather, but the rain has made it okay for me to
stay in and write during the day without feeling
too guilty about not being outside in the glorious
riot of blossoms that is our garden. I have a block
against staring at a screen when it’s a pretty day,
and recently I’ve been incapacitated by Spring
Fever! Sitting at my desk, trying to meet a deadlines
set me to squirming in my chair like hyper-active
second grader. Has anyone else been experiencing
this? All I want to do lately is play outside!
I just wanna be this guy:

Isn’t this the most amazing painting? I’m cursing myself for
not buying it when I had the chance. Luckily, I got to take a
picture before it was swept away. Look at the giant grasshopper!
I just want to hang out with big green bugs and talking irises and be five.
Can that be arranged? Thanks. Damn, why isn’t this painting mine? Foolish!

Here’s another wonderfully naive iris painting. I love the bare trees in the
background and the crackling paint. It’s kind of sweet and depressing all
at the same time. We get some really great artworks by mysterious painters
in the shop fairly often. I have the urge to start collecting some of them,
but I know what a slippery slope that is! My collections are already pretty
out of hand as it is. But, still. I guess if I had nabbed the first creepy iris
painting, I would’ve had to get this one too, right? That’s a pretty obscure
genre: weird iris paintings! I suppose it’s really for the best. Alas, alack.

Instead, how about I collect real irises, and iris perfume?
I remember endlessly poring over iris catalogues with my
mama. Even then, I was obsessed with the pure black and
bright blue irises, the odd green ones and the bi-colors and
tiger striped ones. I love their regal beards and crazy names.
Irises are pretty metal, as far as flowers go. Case in point,
the one I can’t wait to order for my metal-loving blacksmith
boyfriend: Anvil of Darkness! Hell yes. We’re going to have
the most hardcore garden. So far, we have some lovely purple irises
that Violet planted, and white ones from our sweet botanist friend.
I have to wait until Fall to plant more, so in the meantime I’ve been
dabbling with Iris scents. I’d always wanted to try Bois d’Iris
by The Different Company
, but I have to say – it’s just not ringing my bells.
The notes are: iris, vetiver, bergamot, cedar, narcissus, geranium and musk,
but I’m only getting old lady. My favorite perfume blog, Now Smell This
describes the sensation of wearing Bois d’Iris as “…closer to being in an
undergound tunnel, with the smell of damp wood and roots.”
I wish I could agree, as I feel like I’m missing the damp and earthen
root smell I crave. In Le Labo Iris 39 sounds more my style with iris
“as earthy and inviting as a rundown house with a wild garden”
I’d also love to try Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist one day,
though it’s probably too civilized for a beast like me.
“For Iris Silver Mist, for instance, the idea came to him
in a Moroccan bookshop that he should look for an iris
so refined, so almost grey, that it could be worn by a man
in a grey flannel suit as easily as by woman.

— From Seducer of The Senses,
a long profile of Serge Lutens in the Financial Times.

Sodden rose-petals on the front porch. Cross your fingers that it keeps
raining all spring. We need it! Our roses are going crazy – busting out
in fuschia and lavender all over the place. I do love me some wild roses.
I think these look like pomegranate kernels, do you see it too?

Mlle. Verhext’s sweetheart + husband to be, Mr. Lee
sent us the sweetest parcel filled with mangosteens (aka. mogwai eggs!)
and (holy cats) Amorphophallus konjac corms! We are going to have voodoo lilies!
Hello, dream come true! On a much graver note,
please, please send good finding energy to Tam’s friend Alex.
She’s been missing for almost a week now. If you’re in the Bay
Area, or have friends that are, please take a minute to re-post
the information about her
. I can tell that she’s an amazing person,
and my heart is clenched up wondering where she is.

More treasures from Uncommon Objects:
the best rabbit brooch ever, a very handsome pocketwatch,
and some Victorian woven-hair mourning jewelry. I want it all.

Oh, and here’s another intriguing painting from the shop! Luckily,
my friend and colleague Jeff bought this one, so I can go visit it.
It was painted by a man named Richard Wilt,
in 1951. Jeff was so intrigued by it that he looked up some information,
and ended up talking on the phone to Richard’s widow! She remembered
the piece well, and was very happy to talk about her husband’s work.
Everything we come in contact with at Uncommon Objects has a story –
sometimes we make them up, but sometimes we get to solve mysteries.
Often, I can hold something old and let it tell me its story. Have you ever
had that sensation? Psychometry. I’d like to get better at it. By the way,
I really love my job – I’m super lucky to be able to work in such a creative
place that’s constantly stimulating my imagination with magic, history and art.
I’ve worked some awful jobs in the past though, and I wish I had read this
back then: ordinary magic – part 2 (via Lorra Faye and Gala Darling – thanks ladies!)


Wow, you linked to me, that’s a first! Thank you! I really need to update my blog on a regular basis, I am still stuck on LJ.
You ALWAYS make me jealous that I have a pretty much non-existent sense of smell *alas-sigh* – but I do enjoy reading about – I hope you have read the book Perfume by Patrick Suskind. And A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman – yes??
I’ll be planting some stuff this year for the first time, though it will be edibles!

by Lorra on April 20, 2010 at 1:10 am. Reply #

Oh my. That bunny brooch is ten kinds of amazing. And now I am totally going to be one of those people who claims “if I wasn’t going through such financial difficulties…” but…it’s true! I do hope it goes to a loving home. I think it would have to go to a slightly nutty, loving home!
Hiris, by Hermes is another lovely iris scent. Very ladylike; it will remind you to watch your cusses and cross your legs at the ankle.
Springtime is come here as well; it is a gloomy one indeed for myriad reasons on my end. I do hope you enjoy yours.

by mlle ghoul on April 20, 2010 at 4:45 am. Reply #

I reposted the link-I’m in the Bay Area & tons of my FB friends are as well. I hope she turns up.
I have the small bottle of Le Labo Iris 39. You can def. smell orris root but it’s also *really* violety. You have to be a violet fan to wear this one, I think.
Uncommon Objects sounds like a great store. I keep reading about it in various places on the interwebs. I’m going to be visiting a friend in Austin at the end of next month & I’ll have to stop by and shop. I don’t know how you manage to work there and not take just about everything home with you!

by Marcy on April 20, 2010 at 8:45 am. Reply #

Isn’t is JUST beautiful today?! My honeysuckles are exploding and I love sitting under them on my front porch.

by Amelia on April 20, 2010 at 11:32 am. Reply #

Do you like Russian music and romances? I thought you might like this singer:
It’s very whimsical and quiet, but somehow captures the restless and passionate spirit I always assosiated with Russia. At least for me.

by ee-nez on April 21, 2010 at 1:46 am. Reply #

Alex is FOUND found found. A scare all around but I think in the end it will have good consequences. Man alive! Scary.

by verhext on April 22, 2010 at 9:05 pm. Reply #

Oh, I love the little feller in the company of irises. I’m sorry he got away, but I hope he’s bringing someone happiness.
The iris is Tennessee’s state flower. I found out that there is a Tennessee State Iris Garden in Mt. Juliet, TN. I will have to make a trip there, sometime.
That ordinary magic post is a thing of beauty. I find myself seeking magic in the extraordinary to escape everyday banalities. But this reminds me that it’s important to find magic in the ordinary, too.

by April Violet on April 23, 2010 at 7:57 am. Reply #

Ah! The Anvil of Darkness just struck a chord with me. And reminded me of the rare black pansy:

by Runic Rhyme on April 25, 2010 at 12:32 pm. Reply #

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