Feral Honey

by angeliska on April 14, 2010

Here’s a mosaic of some images that I’m very much in love with right now:

1. halloween, by Annie Alonzi, 2. flowers, by Annie Alonzi, 3. Moth Mask, by Jhaan,
4. remember this by Annie Alonzi, 5. thanksgiving, by Annie Alonzi,
6. rare, by Annie Alonzi, 7. Untitled, by Lady Havisham, 8. Old Curiosities, by Lady Havisham,
9. close, by Annie Alonzi, 10. breakfasttime, by Annie Alonzi, 11. shadow, by Amy Earles,
12. Scar’s room, by Nadya Lev, 13. 32, by Nadya Lev, 14. [unknown], by Renee Dhoa,
15. front window, by Tamera Ferro, 16. Saw Whet on the Moss, by Big Brother Bear
As you can see, it’s most artwork by friends – particularly that of my
very dear friend Miss Annie Alonzi. She is amazing. I think she might
have revealed her true nature in the upper left hand photo, which I
am seriously obsessed with staring at
. It makes me want to only dress
as beasts from now on. Not in like, a furry way. I guess. Um. Yeah,
anyways! Her artwork is extremely gorgeous, and she makes me
very happy all the time. Also, she has a friend named Soda Pies.
I think this week’s honeyed round-up is all about wild things,
forgotten places and people. I have long held a deep fascination
with feral children
, raised by animals or no one at all. It all started
with Genie, for me, years and years ago. I need to write about her
properly and also show you the amazing doll Pandora made for my
birthday last year. She’s almost too special to share, but I think it’s
important, so I will – eventually. Back in New Orleans, in 2002, we
were doing our big Dada Balls. As hostess for each one, I would
build a character, and inhabit that persona for the entire night.
Who knew that the most difficult one would be the Feral Child?
I had hoped, that by embodying this wild being, that professors
and nurses would emerge – that I would encounter those who
would want to teach me, tame me, civilize me. Oh no. That was
not the case at all! No doubt, I was exasperating – scampering
over the tables. Wordless, howling, scratching, stealing things
and all – but I really imagined that some kind soul would take
me in hand and try and at least teach me language, or manners.
Mostly, I was treated like a bad dog. I didn’t speak a word all night,
and it was quite an experience. I recommend simulated lycanthropy
as an experiment for everyone, but just maybe not at a wild party
like I did. Especially not if there are raging rednecks who threaten
to knock your jaw in for lapping up their whiskey and getting your
muddy footprints all over the bar. A word to the wise, civilize!

Me as a girl raised by wolves.

Feral forever!
Eva Hornung has a new novel out, entitled Dog Boy,
that I am very curious to read. A review and excerpt are here:
‘Dog Boy’: The Complicated Humanity Of A Wild Child
(via Odette O.)
★ I adore thisCanadian insect collector who eats his specimens
Georges Brossard: “I dream about them, I eat them – I love bugs”
(also via Odette O, with thanks!)
★ Have you ever seen the mysterious olm?
Here’s some footage of the olm, a blind salamander
that lives in the Balkan caves.
(via le Curio Cabinet)
Jugend, 1899 – you want to know what does it for me?
Symbolist magazine illustrations, that’s what.
★ A happy new blogly/photo/local-lady discovery: Search and Smoke
Atlas Obscura is the best thing ever, if you love traveling and exploring
the most bizarre and amazing places, that is. Even if you’re not in position
to travel anytime soon, you almost feel like you have after you spend awhile
perusing the wonders they have found for us. Lots of strange and wondrous
abandoned places! Such as: the once luxurious abandoned Prince’s house
in Abkhazia
, and an entire island off of Japan, once densely populated
now abandoned – Gunkanjima Island. There’s also this very sad place,
Oradour – a French ghost town from World War II,
left as a memorial to German atrocities
★ “People talk in private about their dreams dying right now
due to economic contraction. But few will talk publicly.”
Arthur Magazine has an interesting article about talking openly
about the recession: DOES IT HURT? by Jay Babcock
★ One the other end of that spectrum, I want every single thing
on Gala’s Current Crushes Shopping List. Just so you know.
★ Oh my goodness, look at this uncovered gem:

Tom Waits on Fernwood Tonight in the late 1970’s
(via brainpicker extraordinaire, Maria Popova)
I just have to say: holy goddamn moly, Tom –
what a beautiful man you are! Look at those
gorgeous long fingers! He just kills me.


atlas obscura is one of mine and isadora’s favorite sites to spend time.

by molly.karen on April 14, 2010 at 7:05 am. Reply #

Tom Waits is such a dream boat, and yes those long fingers! I love you my little lycanthrope. Annie is such an amazing lady, I just want to scoop her up and hug her right this very instant.

by Frannie Brown on April 14, 2010 at 7:34 am. Reply #

I love you, wolf baby!

by Angeliska on April 14, 2010 at 10:35 pm. Reply #

.feral h****?

by VJESCI on April 14, 2010 at 10:14 am. Reply #

Oh! I recognize the creature in “32” by Nadya Lev. It’s Francois, a friend of Sorrel Smith’s. He makes gorgeous corsets (and wears them, as you can see in the picture). This must be a picture of him from the Venice Carnival.
I have been thinking about you a lot because I am hoping to visit New Orleans this summer. Wonderful post!

by Fyodor on April 14, 2010 at 11:03 am. Reply #

Yes, Francois! I so adore Sorrel’s portraits of him. The photo is indeed from Carnival.
Oh, have you ever been? I’m dying to go, one day. Ooh, when are you headed to NOLA?
Maybe we should come down and meet you! Ring me, and I’ll give you all sorts of recommendations
if I’m not able to – but I need a trip to my heart’s home sorely!
xoxo kisses to you and L.!

by Angeliska on April 14, 2010 at 10:32 pm. Reply #

thanks for the shout out! i am happy to discover your blog as well. you’re in the austin area too?
i too have always had a soft spot for genie! you’re as cute of a feral child as she was : D

by samantha on April 14, 2010 at 2:57 pm. Reply #

I am indeed in Austin – perhaps I’ll see you at the NOLA Bounce party?
Thank you for the compliment! Genie and I looked quite similar as children.
I wonder what she looks like now? She’s 54, and still locked up.

by Angeliska on April 14, 2010 at 10:29 pm. Reply #

I love Annie Alonzi’s art. I saw it at EAST and eventually perhaps I’ll own some.
Still thinking about that wolf head. Money flew into the moon. *sigh*
I’ve been obsessed with feral children for a long time. The stories are amazing. When I was little I used to pretend I was raised by wolves. My pet Sandy was a red wolf, we would play together and I would pretend.

by Bean on April 14, 2010 at 8:08 pm. Reply #

Yes! We own several prints of hers – they’re really quite affordable, and I think she’ll
be putting some up on her etsy shop soon. Rotten wolf-head is still waiting patiently
for you! Come in when I’m around, and I’ll try and get you a deal! xoxo

by Angeliska on April 14, 2010 at 10:26 pm. Reply #

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