Nectarine Dream

by angeliska on March 26, 2010

The first harbingers of spring, the knobbly-headed grape hyacinths!
Just at the point when we were all about to throw ourselves down
on the floor and throw a great big tantrum about the perversely long,
bitter-ass winter we’ve suffered, Spring steps in – gracefully beckoning
with tender green tendrils and heaving humid sighs on our skins newly
shorn of sweaters and leggings. We wonder what the hell to wear, and
shun the indoors, feeling newly hatched, bald and bewildered by the
softer air. Can I tell you how deluxe it is to plunge my hands in the earth
and wake up the very excellent worms that dwell there? It is very deluxe
indeed. Oh yes. I realize fully the extent of my winter puniness, but I am
not meant to freeze. My nose turns bright red, embarrassingly. I sniffle
and shuffle and clutch at tea-mugs and hide in bed. I become a strange
white grub, or cave-dwelling salamander. Not that come summer, I brown
in any significant way. I wonder what that would be like. Very perplexed
by the summer wardrobe. I think I might incorporate loads of black lace.

Our nectarine tree is so beautiful. The peach trees are blooming too.
On that tip, I was featured in a collection of pale Texan ladies that made
me proud of my pallor – Let’s make pasty hot. , compiled by Miss Tolly Moseley,
(aka. That Austin Girl)
who is a super-sweet red-headed dynamo
who makes me cackle at stories from childhood summer camp,
pictures of her dad in drag
, and her obsession with John Travolta.

My friend Annie Alonzi made this dress especially for me –
it was commissioned by my sweetheart, as an anniversary gift.

So sweet! I’m trying to get better about documenting my ensembles.
It’s pretty touch and go, since I usually don’t have much time when the
light’s good. Now that the days are longer, I hope to remedy that!

Golden-eyed Gala at Barton Springs, brandishing her wee friend.
The ever-adorable Gala Darling interviewed me in a style profile
for Chinashop Magazine
– the first of many more, I hope, as I’ve found that
I discover a lot about myself when I take the time to answer questions. It kind of
forces me to articulate notions that otherwise just float around my brain like seaweed.
Perhaps it’s quite narcissistic, but I love being interviewed about almost anything!
I didn’t jump on the Formspring wagon, though – for various reasons, though I’m
sure it would be interesting. I love interviewing people as well – I’m a curious lady,
and I appreciate curiosity in others. As far as personal style goes, mine is going
through quite a transformation, so exploring it and nailing it down a little more
is helping me solidify where I’m going. Fashion experiments are going down, y’all!
A full SXSW rundown is coming, but in the meantime let’s just say that the city was
over-run with fancy ladies during this last week! Gala, Molly Crabapple, Anja Verdugo
of Clever Nettle and Miss Tina of Violetville Vintage were all in Austin, and most were
in attendance for Amelia’s fancy teaparty – oh, what lovely and convivial company!
The Birdy Teacup Teaparty

Sunset over Barton Springs, at the tail end of a gorgeous day featuring puppies,
beautiful music, good friends, fresh juice and much magic. Pretty damn dreamy.
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aw happy kitty! I met one on the beach in Charleston, he was all full of sand. How nice to have a dress made just for you!

by anja louise on March 26, 2010 at 3:24 pm. Reply #

your poetic words make me happy – so often you remind me of a friend i can no longer see in the real world. *hug* she loved spring like nobody’s business.

by suzanne meow meow on March 26, 2010 at 4:19 pm. Reply #

Oh, hooray for the pasties (ladies, not bosom trinkets!) And double hooray for black lace!
The frock is enchanting, you make a charming mauve dryad đŸ™‚

by mlle ghoul on March 26, 2010 at 5:44 pm. Reply #

Such a lovely looking dress. You match your surroundings perfectly~

by Nix on March 30, 2010 at 10:24 am. Reply #

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