Friendly People Honey

by angeliska on March 2, 2010

Window of the junk man’s shop in New Orleans, on St. Claude Avenue.
Quick, quick – some tasty tidbits for you & you & you!
I’ve been a bit under the weather still, and all I want
to do is sleep and listen to this over and over:
Dark Dark Dark – Bright Bright Bright
I saw them play in New Orleans, and they hypnotized
a whole room of us rowdy kids with their beautiful songs.
We all sat in rapt silence and listened, and then for the
last song Nona sang “This Woman’s Work”, one of my
most favorite Kate Bush songs and we all freaked out
and sang along and it was so incredible, my heart exploded.
Get their new album! You can listen to it first, and it will ensnare you!
★ I can’t stop looking at these images from Chile’s catastrophe:
The Big Picture – Earthquake in Chile
After Katrina, I think a lot about how tenuous our situation
is on this planet, and how fragile our homes are. So much
that we take for granted in our day to day can be totally
destroyed literally overnight when the Earth decides to
flex her muscles. What more is to come? I fear the worst.
★ How about some good news? Hollis Hawthorne woke up
from her coma!
She’s a good friend of a lot of my friends,
and everyone is super-overjoyed that she’s regained
consciousness after her horrible motorbike wreck in rural
. Please send good thoughts for her full recovery!
Mer wrote a wonderful article at Coilhouse back when this
all went down, with lots of great pictures of Miss Hollis:
Performer/Cyclist Hollis Hawthorne Needs Our Help
Miss Tamera wrote the most wonderful, eloquent article about
personal style, and the vicissitudes of the trendy, and fashion’s
horrible new homogeneity. This is a subject I’ve been thinking
about a lot, and talking about with Tam and other friends, but
she really, really nailed it here. So worth reading, even if
(or especially) you couldn’t give two hoots about fashion.
read it: & they’re all made out of ticky tacky
“In my world, clothing is about plumage & creativity […]
What I love about clothing is creating places, characters, ideas.
Time travel, the past and the future! I love the idea that fashion can
be feminist, that we don’t have to wear what’s created for us if we
don’t want to! We can take it back, refuse to fit into ideals, use clothing
as a tool to break glass ceilings in the workplace. We can get married
in black, wear metal spikes on our shoes, vote with our dollars by
shopping only vintage! I like the fact that I can be a different person
every day if I want to.”

I couldn’t agree more!
★ Meanwhile, Miss Gala Darling knocked my sock off with this gem
of an article, or more MANIFESTO! I think this would be really good
to print out, post up and read often. Again, such important words
for ladies to absorb. I’m so grateful to my bad-ass friends for
writing and sharing such powerful thoughts and messages.
Also, can I just say how excited I am that Gala will be here
for SXSW in just a matter of what, 14 days? We will dance
and sing and frolic! It’s actually going to be a typhoon of
lovelies, actually! I’ll finally get to meet Anja Verdugo and
Molly Crabapple! Not to mention Chad (Mon Petit Fantome)
and possibly even a Tamera? Fingers crossed!
I think Austin will never be the same after
this horde of fabulous fancies gets done with her!
Read this now, I command ye:
Empty Bellies Do Not Beget Genius
A Lucky Bounce
There’s a good article in Offbeat magazine this week about New Orleans
Bounce music. It’s exciting to be helping bring bounce to Austin! I love
seeing all my ladies twerkin’ it! We so much fun at the Bounce Benefit
for Gay Bi Gay Gay last week. Vockah Redu was unreal. So exquisite!

In lieu of a good video that really shows how awesome Vockah’s
stage show is, here’s Sissy Nobby’s latest. Inspiring, y’all!
I’m workin’ on one day having a magic booty that can do things
like what you see here. Practice makes perfect!

Since I’m on a New Orleans roll tonight (every night?)
here’s Sweet Emma + “I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jellyroll”

Also, this old newsreel documentary from the 1920’s with photography
and animations illustrating old New Orleans, the Crescent City, at work and at play.
(Many thanks for these videos to Miss Christy Kane!)
Last but not least, here’s a little bedtime story for you,
from Neil Gaiman – Cinnamon
(p.s. I love you!)


I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

by Christy Kane on March 2, 2010 at 12:47 am. Reply #

plummage,kate bush, nawlins, 1920’s jellyrolls! you are my kinda gal❤

by molly.karen on March 2, 2010 at 1:09 am. Reply #

I just found a new band to download!!! Thank you!! And that fashion article was good. I think your fashion perception also depends on where you are living. Austin as liberal as it is, is still an island in a non-creative Republican sea. I mean, I’ve been dressing in whatever mode I wish for years now…and there’s always been some status quo of style that everyone else is wearing and looking down on me for not conforming to. Of course, I’ve mainly started wearing things more for comfort than for style. Except for drag. lol

by Ryq Gullikson on March 2, 2010 at 7:10 am. Reply #

Ahh, Kate Bush. This Woman’s Work makes me cry every time. I also love the livelier, Violin off of Never for Ever.
Now I’m off to read all your suggested reading…

by Stefanie on March 2, 2010 at 9:00 am. Reply #

Wow. This is the first place I found out about Hollis and though I don’t personally know her, the news has filled today with serious magic. Thank you!

by Zo on March 2, 2010 at 9:27 am. Reply #

Love the music! thanks for sharing!

by Gabriel on March 2, 2010 at 9:50 am. Reply #

i just had to say: dark dark dark are gooooorgeous. thank you for drawing them to my attention! i listened to them the other night when you were tweet-tweeting twitterly about them and was instantly swoon’d. hooray!

by annie on March 2, 2010 at 6:59 pm. Reply #

Hello hello!
My name is Madeleine and I am a student at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI (I really enjoyed your post a little while ago about the old train depot, I actually live about 5 block away from it!)
I have been reading your wonderful gem of a blog for probibly close to a year now and I thoroughly enjoy checking up on it once and a while to see what you have to say–your writing and photographs are very inspiring and lively.
I am currently taking a new course at Wayne State University entitled “Folklore and the Internet” and for our midterm project we have to choose a web-site and analyse it from a folklorists perspective. I see your blog as a great example of this because you have included classical examples of digital folklore (foodways, ritual, story telling, ghost stories, digital memorials, etc). I would like to focus on your blog for my essay, but I felt it unfair to begin writing it without asking you first. The essay will not be published in any place, and will simply be printed out and handed to my professor who will grade it, and then give it back to me. I do not intend to use it in any other place or publish it digitally. Your site will be adequatly included in the Bibliography, and your words will be enclosed in parenthesis and not altered in any way. If you are uncomfortable with this in any way at all, please feel free to say so and I can simply look for a differnt site to focus on. I simply am inspired by your work and think it carries a significant link to the things we have been discussing in my class. the textbook for the course is actually really interesting. Its entitled Folklore and the Internet: Vernacular Expression in a Digital World– Edited by Trevor J. Blank.
I would also like to say (in this comment which is growing and growing!) That I uphold your and the content on your blog in the highest respect and have no interest in disrespecting you or any of the materials your publish here–I would also be happy to send on my paper to you via e-mail when its completed if you’d like.
I hope you’re having a beautiful day,

by Madeleine on March 6, 2010 at 9:32 am. Reply #

Dear Madeleine,
Oh my stars! I would be so honored! I got goosebumps reading your email, I think because I’m so excited about this class you’re taking and the ideas you’re exploring, and even more excited to be part of those explorations. There’s a thrill to having someone understand you in a way you’ve not even fully understood yourself. I’ve always had a hard time explaining what it is that I do when I write here, partially because my focus is so wide. I had never put it together like that, but in a way – I think you kind of hit the nail on the head by connecting the folklore aspect. All the things that I love to write about (foodways, ritual, story telling, ghost stories, digital memorials, etc.) are definitely part of that tradition of sharing information with a community, though the community has grown to encompass the world! I love sharing recipes or dreams with friends I’ve never met who live in Finland or Brazil, and this method makes it possible. I also started writing online back in 2002, as a way to connect with far-flung friends. This was back before blog was really a word (a terrible, inadequate word!), and I had no inkling then of what this all would one day become. I cannot wait to read your paper! Thank you so much for reading, and for this – you’ve really inspired me, and I’d love to hear more about your class. Send me your notes! If you have any questions, just let me know.

by Angeliska on March 6, 2010 at 9:52 am. Reply #

A nice little mention of New Orleans bounce in this NYT article…
Happy SXSW!

by Annie on March 21, 2010 at 8:41 pm. Reply #

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