Tiny Valentines

by angeliska on February 11, 2009

Valentine’s day quickly approaches in a whirlwind
of heart-shaped confetti and tattered calendar pages-
as usual, there’s more occurring all at once this week
than I could possibly attend even if I had an army of
clones at my disposal (which, incidentally, is not a bad idea!)
Although I shudder to think of what mischief 1000 Angeliskas
could get up to in even one day! Horrors! Mayhem! Deviltry!
Alas, I must do my best just with little ‘ole me- and so..
Wednesday, February 11th:

Mistress Stephanie and her Melodic Cat
will be playing a show at the Beauty Bar
to celebrate the release of their new album,
which I am very excited about.
If you’ve never seen them, well..
“Kurt Weill pulling hairballs out of
Marlene Dietrich’s throat with an electric guitar, but even sexier.”

is actually an apt description- in the very best way!
Thursday, February 12th:

I have some work in an art show, with some very dear
(and talented!) friends. There will be prints for sale, also!
Postcards are coming soon, for real. Believe it.

The opening is on Thursday, and will feature music
by Faith Delphi, and many other tasty treats!
Afterwards, I’m hoping to hop down to catch some of this fantastic line-up:
Amy Annelle, Conjunto Los Pinkys, Oliver Rajamani
Thursday Feb 12 @ Stubbs
801 Red River
Austin, Texia
$8, *all ages* 9 PM DOORS
Saturday, February 14th:
Is Valentine’s Day, and as my sweetheart is hard at work
on his giant sculpture for the upcoming Texas Biennial,
we agreed to celebrate at our leisure at a later date- and so I will be found
at the Museum of Ephemerata for the Wonderous Instruments Exhibit

I have lent some items from my collections for the show,
and can’t wait to see it! The sublime Miss Luna Tart will be
slaying us all with her ukulele and sad songs for strumpets!

I really only wanted one thing for Valentine’s,
and it was this amazing dress. I am truly heartbroken
that I was outbid on it at the last minute- oh the pain
of the one that got away! O Ebay- thou art a cruel mistress!
Why, oh why can that perfect heart dress not be mine?
I cry blood.

I want Nina Hagen to be my Valentine this year.
Except that I want it to be 1978, which would make me
less than a fetus, less than a twinkle in my mama’s eye-
and I think it’s hard for fetuses or twinkles to perch on
stools at a fancy café sipping pernod and eating
salted caramel and pots du crème au chocolat, non?

photo by Monique
Let’s all wake up in this room on Valentine’s and drink rose tea and feed each other these:

photo by Lenora
Will you, won’t you?
p.s. do go read what Mlle. Verhext has to say about Valentine’s:
♥ the way we kiss ♥
it’s very sweet and cheering and there’s lovely songs also!


There’s too much goodness happening that day! Eee! Are you also friends with Rachel Kolar who I noticed is in the Epoch show? I really like her stuff. Some of it resides on my shoulder, as a matter of fact…
I’ll be participating in this, so I’ll have to miss all the other awesomeness:

by Nicole on February 11, 2009 at 8:09 am. Reply #

Oh, that heart dress! I had a sad ebay moment the other day as well, outbid during the final seconds. I was so bummed! It was a perfect 20’s spring dress. Luckily, I won a different auction, but someone tried to outbid me during those last second as well… if only there was a better way.

by anja louise on February 11, 2009 at 11:33 am. Reply #

sigh…i think all the hearts on that pretty dress are broken, cause they’re not hanging on miss angel.

by amy annelle on February 11, 2009 at 11:53 am. Reply #

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