Hot Pursuits

by angeliska on July 17, 2008

Texan summertime truly encourages innovation
in the realms of refreshment and distraction-
Anything to take your mind off your parched throat,
and the rivulets of sweat dripping down every limb..
Thus, fancy sodas, frivolous frocks, and every night
a cabaret, a soiree, a show!
This Thursday (technically speaking, today)
I will be joining the inimitable Hello Lovers
for a couple songs at The Mohawk.
They are so incredible– I feel honored
to be invited to play with them.
Check out also the new album,
Gone With the Wind
I play ocean harp on it as well!

This is the dénouement of Trivia Travesty last week..
As you can see, there was cake,
and sasquatches, and songs.

Even Hillary Clinton was there!

This is what I wore to the show:
-vintage hat from Uncommon Objects
-haircombs from Miss Angie
-dress from Betsy
-stockings from I forget where..
-boots from Halo in Portland
How did my dress get so dirty?

I rediscovered the miraculous heat-cure
Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Tonic
I wrinkled my nose at it when I was wee,
but you know what? It’s actually fabulous.
Especially with a curry-chicky salad sandwich
from Wheatsville, and the above record
Maori Love Songs accompanying the meal.
A werewolf named Lou commented-
“He kind of looks like a Maori Elvis.
But then again, it looks like they’re dancing naked in a wicker basket too.”

Lavender soda, with Monin flavoured syrup
and Topo Chico over ice is also divine.
Right now I’m drinking Apple-Pear sparkly juice,
which is very green and tart and lovely.
Russian tarragon soda is also very interesting-
try it if you can find it..
Coilhouse is (in their own words)
“A love letter to an alternative culture,
written in an era where culture no longer exists.
On paper and on the web,
a collection of articles, interviews, rants,
musings and imagery showcasing the planet’s
bravest explorers of Ye Olde Future.”

See the amazing list of the
Top 10 Most Preternaturally Beautiful Men
and you’ll start to get the picture..
So, so good.
Their exposition on the origins and sources
of our own personal weirdnesses
is a subject I will never tire of..
What made you weird?
So here’s a few things that contributed
to me being the creature I am today:
When I was nine, my best friend Carie
made me my first mix tape- it was amazing!
The first song was Nina Hagen’s
Born in Xixax- still one of my most favorites ever..
Here is Nina Hagen on the Merv Griffin show:

Best exchange:
 Merv Griffin: “You have a wonderful – what would you call it? – contralto.”
 Nina Hagen: “I would call it my individual God-identity, Merv.”
Followed by an impromptu sing-along
of “Don’t Kill the Animals” featuring Nina, Merv, and Don Rickles.
Thanks for sharing this, Ambassador Gorvetzian!
Earlier still, I saw this- on Sesame Street..
I loved this thing SO MUCH.
I tried to describe it for years, and only a few people
knew what I was talking about-
seeing it again is an instant
time-machine to me, age 5.

I got inspired that day to unpack a box of my
favorite children’s books- in a large way
responsible for my world vision and aesthetic.
Incredible illustrations and feminist rhetoric
seem to be the main themes.
Thanks mama + papa!

One comment

I too love Nina Hagen and her music, and am also fortunate enough to have several fond personal memories of her.
Before her, I never allowed anyone to call me “hanky”, but she disarmed me with a sincere explanation that she thought it “cute”. Her vocal range changes in just conversation are awesome. She’ll always be special to me.
Anywho, suspicion caused me to find your entry here. As you may know, your post is quoted, with credit, at
But, unless you also go by the screen name of sarajanemilan and can also mostly communicate in Russian, this entry was reprinted without credit on November 22nd at
My best wishes are with you.

by HanksterZ on December 6, 2008 at 1:16 am. Reply #

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