by angeliska on July 2, 2008

About a week ago, I set out on an adventure..
I intended it to be only a minor one-
Black Sabbath Brunch at Dominique’s house
and then a little junking at the Citywide Garage Sale..
I was a wee bit sleepy from all the ruckus
down at the Victory Grill where Rebecca Havemeyer
and Silky Shoemaker were doing Trivia Travesty,
a night of variety acts, music and mayhem
that I highly recommend- you’ll find me there
the next two Thursdays! I learned many things that night-
not least of which was what an amazing combination
Hungarian apricot brandy (Barack Palinka)
with gingerale are, especially placed near
a big ole bowl of fried okra! Summertime food!
Oh, and you can make a cocktail called a Hop Toad
with apricot brandy and lime juice- delightful!
We have so many toads in our garden..
It’s so hard not to try and catch them all,
but they really do not like it!

Strangely enough, I’ve never done this before.. Here goes!
What I wore on Sunday before last:
– gifted vintage butter yellow 40’s dress with pussywillow print
– SAS sandals
– flowers from mexican grocery
– bumblebee and ermine tail necklaces (see below)
– bug bracelet from Kolos Designs
– amputated leg
– african basket from vendor at Boggy Creek Farm
I’m experiencing the strange sensation of
discovering that maybe I actually like things
I always thought I hated- like yellow!
I’ve found it to be a surprisingly flattering shade.
Who knew? Orange is also growing on me,
conceptually- I’ll wear the rustier hues.
Radishes, however are still loathed.

These are necklaces from Erica Weiner + Derenthea Barbaree,
who have wooed me in another unlikely direction-
as I never, ever been a gold girl.
I think they’re both brass, really-
which somehow makes it better.
I appreciate verdigris.
Miss Barbaree is a dear friend of mine
from New Orleans, also transplanted to
Texas- she makes amazing jewelry
and stuffed animals, both sold at
Uncommon Objects.
Watch this. All the way through- trust me.
Oh yes, so.. During the above-mentioned brunch, I was just tucking into
my crêpe suzette when suddenly I found myself shanghaied-
I was bundled into a car and taken to the Tom Waits concert!
It was an incredible gift, and an unforgettable experience..

This is the man that I have to thank for it!
Mister Hay is the father of Sascha, my beloved godson.

My friend Brenda, (who happens to be Sascha’s mama)
lent me these incredible Chanel shoes for the occasion,
as well as seamed silk stockings from the 1920’s.
I am not label obsessed at all, but I must say-
it was quite remarkable how well-made these shoes are.
People kept coming up to me all night to comment on them!

I came across this array of images soon after-
something about the pink silk stockings,
(slightly sagging- who knew that could be alluring?)
the verdancy, and the backyard..
I love it.

Summer means elaborate salads and sandalwood fans.
Sparkling lemonade and homegrown tomatoes!
I like as many ingredients in my salads as possible-
this one had garbanzos, capers, pink pickled ginger,
chow mein noodles, and dandelion greens
as well as a dozen other things I can’t recall right now.
I’m catching up on lots of summer reading-
so heavenly. Find me on Goodreads
and tell me what you’re reading, do!

Tasha Tudor has died, at the age of 92.
She was an inspiration to me, and many others.
There’s a wonderful obituary here..
Some of my favorite bits..
“Tudor often said that in a former life
she was a sea captain’s wife born in 1800.
She could play the dulcimer and handle a gun,
once promised a reporter for The New York Times
that she could find a four-leaf clover within five minutes
and came back with a five-leaf one in four minutes.
She kept a seven-leaf clover framed in her room.”

Apparently, it was her intention to go straight back
to the 1830s after her death.

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