Days in the Elf-house

by angeliska on June 30, 2007

Three days of constant motion,
momentum for the sake of momentum-
endless errands, packing too much/not enough
lost articles, baggage mishaps,
no sleep, unexpected grief, the circus
(more on that later, I swear..)
Suddenly I find myself thousands of
feet up in the air soaring towards
Portland, Oregon and so many
lovelies I haven’t laid eyes on in
oh, can it be seven years now?

Sitting in mute amazement beneath the
ancient japanese maple, everything
fresh and different- the smells, temperature,
the quality of light, all so unfamiliar..

I came to roost here in the fantastical abode
of Miss Noni Elf and Eli, two of the sweetest,
dearest, blondest creatures to walk on earth.

I dazedly wandered around their house
taking pictures of everything
(after being plied with absinthe and unicorn’s blood..

The conversation wandered around
beekeeping, distilling spirits, daguerrotypes
and uranium-doped radioactive marbles
(I now have three!) and I saw them illuminated
in a most curious and lovely fashion..

Everything is splendid rococo finery,
gilded ships and skeleton keys
strewn with tattered metallic lace.
Oh, it is divine- every inch!

Sweet seafoam-blue kitchen, wherein our basket
awaits filling for our voyage to the woods..

Hello, I love you-
won’t you tell me your name?

Timothy made this magical marionette
after he dreamt of it..
His name is a mystery, also..

Teensy tiny didn’t make it.

New boots! Today was princess day for me, hooray!
Noni treated me to a fancy facial and holy stars,
eyelash extensions- they give you glorious doll-eyes,
it really is quite something! Also sushi and thrifting
in the rain and saying hello to people and dogs and roses.

I always love a pagoda.

I also love fake food.
It’s some fascination from my childhood.
This was the window display in the
plus-size full-figure buxom babe boutique.

In a few hours we will depart
and venture deep into the woods
for Mutantfest– what strange wonders
shall we encounter there?
I found the Bear Facts page
to be very educational-
having never camped anywhere
with bears loping about..
Here’s what you should do
if actually attacked by a bear:
If a bear actually makes contact, surrender!
Fall to the ground and play dead.
Lie flat on your stomach, or curl up in a ball
with your hands behind your neck.
Typically, a bear will break off it’s attack
once it feels the threat has been eliminated.
Remain motionless for as long as possible.
If you move, and the bear sees or hears you,
it may return and renew its attack.
In rare instances, particularly with black bears,
an attacking bear may perceive a person as food.
If the bear continues biting you long after
you assume a submissive posture,
it likely is a predatory attack.
Fight back vigorously.

Oh, and these are the albums
of my moments here so far:
Love and Rockets – Earth – Sun – Moon
Panda Bear – Person Pitch
Faun Fables – The Transit Rider
The sun is rising,
it’s almost time to hit the road!

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